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Mark Andrews On His Band’s Reaction to Their Song Being Picked For NXT Takeover: Cardiff

August 25, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mark Andrews WWE NXT UK

– During his interview with Sportskeeda, NXT UK roster member Mark Andrews spoke about his band Junior’s song being chosen as the theme for NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff. Junior’s “Brick by Brick” will be a theme song for the show, which airs Saturday from Cardiff on WWE Network.

“Two thirds of us are from Wales and Si lives in Cardiff,” Andrews said. “And actually when we saw Triple H’s tweet, it was just after we got off stage after the Cardiff show, so we’d just had this amazing, like, “Yeah! That was amazing! Oh, Triple H has tweeted about our song!’ It was so cool.”

Andrews noted that the song was written with wrestling fans in mind, saying, “I’ll be honest, I’m not going to lie – we did specifically write that song trying to appeal more towards the wrestling world. Our music has always been… Not all over the place but our inspirations comes from a varied amount of places in music, and this one we thought to ourselves, ‘What the kind of song you would hear on a wrestling video game or a Tony Hawk’s video game? Or a wrestling pay-per-view?’ We specifically wrote it hoping that something like this would happen and when it did, we’re like, ‘Ah, okay, sweet! We did it well enough for it to be used!’ I’m really excited for it to be used. It is the first ever TakeOver in Wales, first ever televised WWE event in Wales, so it’ll be very sentimental to me in general. Now the fact that the band gets to be involved in it as well is awesome – and seeing Triple H tweet about it was cool.”