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Mark Andrews On How He Got Adam Cole, Rhea Ripley, Marty Scurll And Others In His Music Video

August 24, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Mark Andrews WWE NXT UK

In an interview with Dropkick Diskussions (via Fightful), Mark Andrews spoke about how he got WWE stars Rhea Ripley and Adam Cole, as well as ROH wrestler Marty Scurll, to appear in the music video for his band Junior’s song “PYD.” Here are highlights:

On Junior not being just a “wrestling band”: “It has been a difficult balance. We’ve always had this thing. It is so hard for small, local bands to break out into a bigger scene so you have to latch onto what you have. For us, what we did have was wrestling fans and a lot of our shows are full of wrestling fans. They’ve been the most supportive fans, the most loyal fans – so I don’t regret, in any way, us latching on to wrestling, and getting Matt Hardy involved and stuff like that because – why would you not want wrestling fans behind you? They are the most loyal fans in the world.”

On getting stars like Adam Cole, Ruby Riott, Rhea Ripley, Drake Maverick, Ali, Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll in the video for PYD: “Do you know what? It’s so awkward asking people, “Hey, can you just mime these words for a song that you don’t know?” It was quite awkward. Luckily I’m close friends with a lot of them, or at least close enough that I could approach them and ask them. We had a long list of wrestlers that we wanted to be in the video, but some people didn’t get back to me – understandably, because it is very awkward to ask somebody, “Hey, can you just mime these words about wrestling?” But the guys who did do it, I’m super appreciative that they did it, and most people in the video are actually quite supportive of the band. Ruby Riott, I know she’s a fan of our stuff and she’s been supportive of the band from way back when I met her on the Indies, back in the day. Rhea Ripley is another one who’s supportive, Drake Maverick, Marty Scurll – all these guys tend to be people who are my friends who have came to shows in the past or have shown an interest in my band any pass which is really nice. It’s just really cool.”

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