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Mark Henry Explains How To Know When You’ve Crossed The Line In Wrestling

March 21, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Mark Henry WWE 2013 Image Credit: WWE

Everyone has a take on MJF dumping a drink on a young fan at AEW Revolution and Mark Henry is now the latest to offer his feelings on the matter (per Wrestling Inc). Speaking on Busted Open recently, Henry took a comparatively objective approach to his analysis of the situation, looking at the interaction from a strictly business perspective before sharing a personal anecdote about crossing the line with a fan himself. You can find a few highlights from the podcast and listen to the full episode below.

On establishing the lines one does not cross as a wrestler from a business standpoint: “If it can cost you money, you can get sued, you lose a sponsorship deal, then you’ve gone too far. We are in it for the money and it’s about the business. Secondly, does it get you canceled and do you lose your job?”

On his own experience losing his temper with a heckler: “A guy was talking shit to me [at ringside], I slapped his beer, and it went all over two people next to him. I said, ‘I apologize to you, but I want you to rot in hell.’ I was so apologetic in the moment and broke [character] on the spot because I felt like I went too far.”

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