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Mark Henry Says Drew McIntyre Will Be World Champion Next Year

November 6, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Drew McIntyre WWE Raw

– Mark Henry said on the latest Busted Open Radio that he expects to see Drew McIntyre become a world champion by the end of 2019. Henry and host Dave LaGreca discussed McIntyre’s rise on Raw during Tuesday’s episode; highlights are below (via WZ):

Henry on Drew McIntyre’s run in WWE since his return: “Ever since Drew came back and we stuck him with the grown ass man Drew McIntyre moniker, he has been stellar. His promos are priceless and he is unrivaled. Drew is grabbing the business and he’s doing things that a lot of the young people are not doing and that’s why he’s in this conversation that we’re talking about, as where he’s gonna be in the next year or two. I think that he will be champion. I think before next year is over, Drew McIntyre will be world champion.”

Host David LaGreca on McIntyre’s bright future: “I think he deserves it and maybe he needed that Three Man Band gimmick. Maybe he needed to get a little taste of the bottom before he could rise to the top. When he first came on the scene in the WWE, he was Vince McMahon’s hand-picked chosen one. That was his gimmick on SmackDown. He had that great feud with Matt Hardy and he was The Chosen One and it just didn’t seem to get over. Now, whether it was the fault of creative or maybe a little bit of fault on Drew, he wasn’t able to really take that next step, so I think leaving and coming back is where you’re really starting to see Drew McIntyre shine. I do think that, not only can Drew McIntyre be a champion, I think Drew McIntyre can be face of the company. If I was the guy in charge, I would look no further than the Drew McIntyre I saw in the ring last night in the main event on RAW. I think Drew McIntyre could take the place of Roman Reigns. I think Drew McIntyre could be that John Cena. I think Drew McIntyre could be the face of the franchise. I think Drew McIntyre could be the face on the program, the face on the poster, and the face that sells tickets and pay-per-views, and the [WWE] Network. I think Drew McIntyre could be the next face of the WWE.”