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Mark Henry Talks About Discovering Bianca BelAir Through Crossfit

August 24, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Mark Henry

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Mark Henry spoke about how he discovered NXT wrestler Bianca Belair after watching her compete in CrossFit. Here are highlights:

On how inexperienced he was at the start of his career: “It was pretty easy for me to react but I had no clue what the hell I was doing in [the ring]. I was so dangerous, man. I was a bag of hammer and pliers. You’d get hurt. I had no experience whatsoever; I was just a fan, and Vince McMahon saw me mention that I was a fan and they came after me. I’m really glad they did.”

On Bianca BelAir: “It’s more wrestlers have to be extroverts – you have to transcend whatever sport you’re in. Like Bianca Belair, I saw her in CrossFit. She wore bright colors, and tutus, and bows, and when she talked, she spoke with eloquence and excitement. And that’s what a wrestler is. If you see those people and they’re unbelievably athletic, it’s tailor-made. Go get them. Say, ‘Hey, you need to make the transition.'”

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