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Marshall Von Erich Discusses Signing With MLW, His Thoughts on Dark Side of the Ring‘s Von Erich Episode

October 20, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Ross and Marshall Von Erich

WrestlingInc.com released some additional highlights from the recent WINCLY interview with Ross and Marshall Von Erich. During the interview, Marshall Von Erich discussed signing with MLW and a lot more. You can check out those highlights below.

Marshall Von Erich on signing with MLW around the time the Dark Side of the Ring episode aired: “We actually had quite a few people reach out to us right after that time. But we had been in talks with MLW at least 6 months before that. It was just cool with the timing and it debuting on my birthday. It felt like the stars aligned.”

Marshall on the Von Erichs episode of the show: “It’s definitely hard to get someone to open up on TV like that. The guys at Vice, they didn’t bring just people that worked for Vice as they brought genuine wrestling fans. They got my dad to open up and share. It was three days of intense interviews and filming and I was there every day to help out. People got to see a different side of my dad and a little bit of where my brother and I are coming from because when we’re in the indies, people are asking why didn’t go to NXT or move to the mainland. You only have so many days on this earth and we’re getting to live our dream and it’s been awesome. But we also want to enjoy this time with my dad while he’s here. He’s in his later years and we all live by each other. Not only that, but MLW wants to incorporate my dad into it and that’s unreal for us.”

Marshall on his father being a detailed storyteller: “That’s what’s cool about my dad – he’s a detailed storyteller. My mom is actually the best as she’ll remember every detail he said and when he forgets details she’ll throw them back in there. Every now and then we’ll do something that will remind him of something he’s never told us.”

Marshall on seeing a circle with Kevin and David Von Erich’s names written in it on the roof of Korakuen Hall in Japan: “It impacted us hard because we didn’t know if we were really Von Erichs. ‘Are we supposed to be doing this? Are we supposed to be wrestling?’ And it showed us, whether we like it or not, we’re Von Erichs and we think like them. It’s in our blood. My first name is actually Kevin and Ross’ first name is actually David and when we flew to Japan a guy in customs said, ‘I remember 20 years ago today, Kevin and David coming through this exact airport.’ We started laughing and when we told him we’re Kevin and David the guy just started crying. It was crazy.”