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Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green On Adjusting to Working Together, Cardona’s GCW Work

October 20, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Matt Cardona Chelsea Green Impact Wrestling

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green are working together more regularly since they left WWE, and they discussed what impact that has had on their relationship on Busted Open Radio. The two were guests on the show recently and you can check out the highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

Cardona on having the most fun of his career right now: “The time I spent in WWE, I’m so grateful for that time. Because it allowed me, for instance, during the pandemic when there were no shows going on, I didn’t have to worry about money because I had built this name where I was able to do a podcast on wrestling figures. If I wasn’t from WWE, who would want to listen to that? So, I’m so grateful for that. Money is important; I’m not saying that it’s not important. What I’m saying is, listen, I’m doing really, really well right now.

“I’m not saying I’m not making any money or doing any shows for free; I’m certainly not saying that. What I’m saying is maybe I’m not making- when I’m going to my accountant, maybe I didn’t make the most money this year. But I think I’m doing more for my career in ten years, and I think I’m having the most fun, which is important to me. My schedule is pretty packed up. I have something every weekend, and like I said, we have the podcast. I feel I’m working seven days a week, but in theory, is it really work? I’m talking about toys and I’m wrestling. I’m doing the two things that I love.”

Cardona on his current GCW run: “I’m the Internet Champion. Ten years ago, I started this YouTube show because I didn’t like my spot on the card. I didn’t like where I was in the company, and I wanted to do something about it. Now ten years later, I wanted to do something about it. No one’s been counted out more times in this business, whether it be by promoters or fans, than me. And I keep coming back cause I’m not done. I want to be a top star in this business and I’m not going to stop. So, whether it’s having kick ass matches in the ring, or pissing people off on the internet, or selling a bunch of t-shirts on Pro Wrestling Tees, and now, incorporating [Chelsea]. I’m going to do what I can. I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll go down as this wrestling God, but I’m going to die trying.”

Green on the criticism that the two receive online: “Everything that he does on the internet is f**king stressful. It is stressful. I already get ripped to shreds, and now I have to deal with this guy going off the rails on Twitter daily. It’s stressful because, look, I’m all for the hate because I really feel that hate is them following me, them loving me. They’re fans, right? But there’s this line, and a lot of people cross this line that us as wrestlers put out there.”

Green on the adjustments they’ve made in their relationship now that they’re working together: “We did not base this relationship off of wrestling, not even from the start. We did not talk about wrestling probably for the first two years. I do love that we get to do things together, I’m happy we get to do things together. But it’s a learning experience because for our entire relationship, we’ve been ships passing in the night. We’ve never been at the same place at the same time really, so we’re learning as we go. We’re trying to figure out who we are now as a couple, because we’re very different wrestlers.”

Cardona on how their relationship has fared as they work together: “Now it’s a little different because now we’re involved in Impact together, GCW. So now we’re going to have to talk about it more often and it’s fine. I don’t mind traveling with my hot fiancée on the road. It’s not the end of the world. We both like going to the gym, we both like eating healthy, so it’s going to be okay.

“But right now? GCW, the other night when I was out there in Atlantic City, man, my ears were ringing because they were booing me so much. It was so much fun. I loved it. And now that we’re going to be at Hammerstein Ballroom, I pray that they give me a microphone. I just want to feel that. I have goosebumps just talking about it because I went to the Hammerstein Ballroom one time. Mikey Whipwreck brought me backstage to One Night Stand, the first one. And there is no backstage, so I watched it from the crowd, just standing up. And eighteen-year-old, nineteen-year-old kid just in awe. I just want to be there in that building. I never really thought I’d have that opportunity. Things just kind of fall into place, now I’m in GCW and they announce that they’re coming to Hammerstein. I’m the biggest heel in GCW, so I know I’m going to be on the show. It’s just ‘what am I doing?’ And now that Chelsea’s going to be involved too, man, it’s going to be a special night.”