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Matt Hardy Offers Apology For Seemingly Suicidal YouTube Post In 2011

October 10, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Matt Hardy AEW Dark: Elevation Image Credit: AEW

In the most recent episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, the wrestler offered an apology for the 2011 posting of an apparent suicide note on his YouTube channel (per Fightful). The post was meant to be an indication of a new career transition for Hardy but definitively did not land in the way he had initially intended. You can read a few highlights and listen to the full episode below.

On his original intent and the resulting fallout: “I look back at that and, and I do — it was like fucked up. I feel so bad that I posted that even like for you to read for anybody who did. The intent was was not to be a suicide note, which obviously, it was formulated in that way, let’s not kid ourselves here. But the point was to say like, ‘Okay, we’re trying to start again, we’re trying to start again, this is something new, we’re gonna get it, Matt’s gonna get his shit together,’ whatever. But just taking that path and trying to be so shocking — it’s almost like when you have someone that has a creative mind, like me, but it’s not in the best place, and it’s not thinking about how this is going to affect people that are reading it and how they’re going to feel about it.”

On his apology and current perspective regarding his past choice: “So looking back at that, I really regret that and I apologize to everyone, even started with you right here, Jon, I apologize to everyone who read that because, once again, there was never a thought in my mind about committing suicide, obviously, but it was just trying to take a shocking path, but it was the wrong path, and it was just so, so bad, and so, so fucked up and so poorly, poorly done.”

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