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Matt Hardy Has Two More Gimmicks He Hasn’t Used Yet

December 5, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Matt Hardy WWE Raw

In an interview with Fightful, Matt Hardy revealed that he has two gimmicks he hasn’t used yet, which he claims are ‘really good.’ Here are highlights:

On the ‘You Don’t Understand’ characters: “You don’t understand” is actually, technically the way the line goes if we quote it. But, I was just gonna say, this is something that I have been doing while I’ve been off television. Obviously I’m in a transitional period. My brother, obviously, had knee surgery and he was out and now I’m in a transitional period. I said, I’m gonna go ahead and put some ideas out there. I’m gonna go ahead and kick start what I’d like to do creatively coming back. And that whole concept that was developed, because with social media I have this saying“the best thing about it is it gives everyone a voice. The worst thing about it is it gives everyone a voice.” On social media you can see people will complain about anything even if the scenario isn’t even that bad, you know? So that was kind of my mindset behind doing this, trying to stay the pulse of pop culture and society and what’s going on. And you have this guy Matt Hardy whose been at this 27 years, who has this pretty nice life over all, who lives in this enormous house. But there’s a snag in my day; snag one, snag two, snag three; what if that’s all he complains and bitches about? So that was the whole mindset behind that.”

On his other gimmick ideas: “Yes. I have at least two other good things in mind right now. And that’s the important thing, especially for me now. Because I’m much more entertainment driven than I am athletically driven. So it’s important for me to have those things. And also, as an artist, that’s very cathartic for me. And I enjoy being able to come up with this cool, creative idea and then apply it to something. And that’s what it takes to survive in this day and age because the people’s attention spans are so short. Characters constantly have to change and evolve, constantly.”

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