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Matt Hardy On Reuniting With Private Party In AEW, Says They Have a Legitimate Bond

October 2, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Matt Hardy AEW Dark Elevation Image Credit: AEW

Matt Hardy is happy to have reunited with Private Party on AEW TV, and he recently weighed in on the on-screen reunion and their bond. The three had a moment during the Golden Ticket Battle Royal at AEW Grand Slam Rampage, and Hardy talked about the reunion during the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy. You can check out the highlights below:

On his reunion with Private Party: “I am so happy that moment happened. You know, we had been kind of going back and forth, and you could see there was still a bond here. There was still a connection there, and there had been teasers on BTE. And we almost manifested it back into reality, you know? I was so happy. We obviously did Rampage following Dynamite that night, it was about 12:22 AM in the morning. I’m not trying to be exact or anything, 12:22 AM in the morning. And we we did that reunion , where we all shared that hug in the middle of the ring. And it got a great reaction from the 15,000 or however many people were still there at that time. And I was really happy and and proud of that.”

On his bond with the team: “Myself and Private Party, there’s like a legitimate bond between all three of us as friends. And they really do look up towards me as a mentor, and I look at them as my disciples, you know, as my students. And I’m very happy to give back to them, and we really share a bond and connection on a personal level as well.

“So that was really important to me, to reconcile with Private Party. I’m glad it happened there in Queens, New York. Those guys are from New York as people know. And the fact that the crowd reacted to it, which was amazing because it wasn’t an angle that had been pushed hard on TV and whatnot? We did bits and pieces to try and start making this work. And it really got over big, and everybody was so happy with it. I know the AEW office said that it was a great piece of business and they were super happy about it after coming back through. So I’m very excited to see what the future holds for the three of us now.”

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