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Matt Hardy Praises PCO on Twitter, PCO Responds by Offering Hardy a Matchup After He Leaves WWE

February 14, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Matt Hardy Raw

– In response to a fan question on Twitter, Matt Hardy shared high praise for current ROH World champion PCO. PCO later responded and offered a matchup against Hardy, who is expected to be leaving WWE soon after he was rumored to be written off TV earlier this week.

Hardy initially wrote on PCO, “I have great respect for what PCO has done the last couple of years. The creative, out of the box content he’s produced to forge his current persona is admirable. After being a performer in this biz for so long, PCO’s resilience & longevity deserves props.”

PCO later responded on Twitter yesterday, “Thanks to @MATTHARDYBRAND who broke through the darkness of creativity and enlightenment creating so much positivity to our industry, Say the word ! PCO the @ringofhonor World Champion with his Creator D.Destro VS Matt Hardy The Match that will POP the entire WORLD”

It seems Matt Hardy liked the idea. He later wrote in response, “Thank you, @PCOisNotHuman. That proposition sounds positively…DELIGHTFUL!” You can check out that Twitter exchange below.

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