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WWE News: Matt Riddle Leads Workout, Becky Lynch On The Marine 6, Tyler Breeze Plays Magic the Gathering

November 17, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Matt Riddle NXT Takeover: Brooklyn

– Matt Riddle led a workout with the Special Olympics and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America yesterday in Los Angeles. It happened at the training facility for NHL team the Los Angeles Kings.

– Here’s a video of Tyler Breeze playing Magic the Gathering on the Youtube show The Magic Hour.

– In an interview with FanSided, Becky Lynch spoke about working with The Miz and Shawn Michaels on the set of The Marine 6.

She said: “Both of them are absolutely wonderful. The way Miz navigates himself and upholds himself, he’s very much a leader. He was the star of the movie and he very much helps us with that, creating such a great atmosphere, and everybody loves coming to work every day. And then Shawn was just so generous and was just so unbelievably great in this role (Luke Trapper), just absolutely incredible. So it was just an absolute joy, an absolute dream. I loved every second of it. Shawn was very generous with his advice, both in acting and in wrestling, so it was phenomenal to be able to work with both of them.