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Matt Taven Is Adamant He’s The Real ROH World Champion, Plans to Main Event G1 Supercard

March 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Matt Taven ROH

– Matt Taven appeared on Wrestling Inc’s podcast for a new interview promoting ROH’s 17th Anniversary show. Highlights are below:

On being the “real” ROH World Champion: “It’s the real Ring of Honor world champion, Matt Taven. Title or not, does it change the fact that I’m the actual World Champion? I don’t believe so. All you have to do is go back and watch the match, I pinned Dalton Castle for an eight count right in the middle of the ring. The referee, for no apparent reason, is checking on Jay Lethal who, I believe, is purposely distracting the referee. And Jay Lethal wants to say he’s a man of his word, this franchise player, he’s just this all around great guy. And if he is any man that he says he is, after watching the replay of that match, you should have walked up to me and handed me the ROH title or, you know, at least offered me a world title shot. But he did none of that, because he knows that Matt Taven is the true Ring of Honor World Champion.”

On introducing his own ROH World Title: “The title that Jay was carrying around was meaningless, and just for all the reasons I just stated. He’s going to walk around and call himself the champion? Like, what a fraud. So, I did exactly what I should have done and that’s how I felt about that title, that title was garbage.”

On granting Lethal a rematch once he wins at ROH 17th Anniversary: “I would be a hypocrite and making everything that I’ve ever said false if I wasn’t a man of my word and lived up to the time honored tradition of giving a man a championship rematch. I have no problem facing Jay lethal. I’ve faced Jay Lethal more times than I can count. I think my record probably speaks for itself against Jay Lethal, so I have no problem whatsoever giving Jay Lethal the shot that he deserves, just like he should have gave me the shot that I deserve.”

On planning to main event NJPW/ROH G1 Supercard: “I have every intention of winning the ROH championship in Vegas and heading in to that show as the champion, so, of course I think that I should be the last man to enter Madison Square Garden that night.”

On the upcoming ROH/NJPW shows: “I believe it’s been announced that the War of the Worlds will be coming in May again. After just coming back from the Honor Rising show, and obviously with Madison Square Garden coming, it seems like the relationship between New Japan and Ring of Honor is stronger than ever. And I believe that they have every intention of continuing the tradition that they’ve had in place so far. That tour in May, four days throughout, like, the into Toronto and then back in to the Midwest, should be full of New Japan talents, and it’s always fun when New Japan and ROH talents get to go head to head like that.”

On the roster shifts following the launch of AEW: “I think if you watch the first couple of shows of the new year, and especially as new guys have come on to the scene, and in to the roster and locker room, I think that the shows speak for themselves and that the matches have spoken for themselves. And I think that Ring of Honor fans that have been following Ring of Honor are going to see guys that they’re into, and guys that will keep them watching the product. I think Ring of Honor has done a great job of keeping the talent fresh and making sure that they have their fingers on the pulse of what talents could step in and really fit into the Ring of Honor locker room. You know, right now I think is a really cool time for Ring of Honor. A lot of moving parts and a lot of guys showing up for the first time a lot of fresh, fresh match-ups and I think, you know, as a wrestling fan that’s that’s something that you’re always looking for so right now is a fantastic time to be a Ring of Honor fan.”

On ROH and AEW potentially working together: “I mean, that’s that’s beyond my pay grade. If someone wants to make me in charge of business decisions, then I would speak on that. But I hope the best for all companies. I mean, competition’s always what makes wrestling the best. If you look to any of the golden eras, there’s a couple of companies kicking around and everyone’s really pushing each other. The others want to bring out their best, and my hope for everyone in wrestling is always to be doing great things, so, hopefully everything works out for all companies.”