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Maven Loved Chelsea Green’s Quick Elimination At Royal Rumble

February 7, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Royal Rumble Chelsea Green Image Credit: BT Sport, WWE

Chelsea Green’s WWE return at the Royal Rumble resulted in a quick elimination, and Maven thought it was great. Green came out to the ring as the 20th entrant but only lasted five seconds before Rhea Ripley threw her out. Speaking with K&S Wrestlefest for a virtual signing, Maven said he loved the bit.

“This was the big [return],” he said (per Wrestling Inc). “‘Hey, guess what, I’m back, ladies and gentlemen.’ And, I mean, if you went to make a sandwich, if you went to use the bathroom, if you had to take the dog out, if you got a phone call — wrong number phone call, and you did any of [those actions], you missed her big [return] because as quickly as a fart in the wind, Chelsea came in the ring and Chelsea went out of the ring. And I could not have been more ecstatic at her debut back in the Rumble.”