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Max Caster on How Billy Gunn Helped Validate The Acclaimed

May 15, 2024 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Billy Gunn Max Caster AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door The Buy In Image Credit: AEW

– During a recent interview with Insight with Chris Van Vliet, AEW star Max Caster discussed working with Billy Gunn, who is often the harshest critic of The Acclaimed, but only in a good way. Below are some highlights WrestlingInc.com):

Max Caster on Billy Gunn being a harsh critic of The Acclaimed: “I think it’s just how harsh of a critic he is, and not in a bad way. It’s just [because] he cares. He’s…I think made wrestling way easier for us, because when you don’t know that people like you, you start throwing stuff at the wall. Should I take more risks, should I be edgier? Should we change the color that we’re wearing? But when he got added on, it just kind of elevated everything we were doing.”

On how Gunn helped validate The Acclaimed: “It added nothing of Billy Gunn, whatever he’s done in his career, specifically. It was just ‘Now Billy Gunn is doing The Acclaimed’s stuff.’ And it kind of just validated everything that we did. So it made wrestling easier for us, because it took all of that guessing out of it. ‘Do people actually like this?’ ‘Oh yeah, they do, because now they’re way more into it. We have a cosign from an absolute legend, and we’re having all this success.'”