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Max Landis Reveals He’s a Consultant for WWE

February 21, 2016 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

Table Talk recently interviewed screenwriter and Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling creator Max Landis. During the interview, Landis revealed that the parody video got him a consultant gig with the WWE, which he’s been doing for the past year. You can check out some highlights and a video of the interview below.

Landis on consulting for WWE: “Here’s a secret, I’ve been a consultant on WWE Raw for the last year. I would occasionally say stuff like ‘add another member to the Wyatt Family,’ or ‘make it so the NXT divas come up,’ but I think other people were saying that s–t too.”

Landis on his problems with WWE’s current direction and how there needs to be more interaction between WWE Superstars and Divas: “I would say it needs to be cohesive, where each segment blurs into the next segment, and what happens at the beginning of the show affects every character. It needs to be cohesive. You can’t have only the women interacting with the women, the midcard guys only interacting with the midcard guys, the nobody guys only interacting with the nobody guys, and the top guys only interacting with the top guys, because that creates a vortex of boredom,” Landis said. “The best episodes of that show is where one thing happens at the start and it starts a ripple effects through the entire thing. They don’t do it often.”

Landis on his current deal with WWE: “I think my contract’s finally coming up, and lord knows they don’t listen to me. I might end up continuing to work with them. They’re their own thing. When I brought in there was a sense of ‘Why should we listen to him?'”

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