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Memphis Wrestling (12.22.1979) Review

November 7, 2021 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
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Memphis Wrestling (12.22.1979) Review  

-Originally aired December 22, 1979.

-Your host is Dave Brown flying solo.


-Bryant whips and “slams” #1, although he really can’t get the big man in the air. #1 gets Bryant on the mat and applies headscissors, but Bryant kicks out. #2 comes in and slams Bryant as Regal protests this, on the grounds that his partner is bad at tagging out. Chinlock by #2, but Bryant is still alive and Regal finally tags in (with Dave Brown helpfully offering a stat, it took 3:30 for Regal to enter the match).

-Jobbers work the leg and do it really well. #1 comes back in and gets Bryant in a hammerlocked powerslam, another one of those great moves of the past that’s disappeared needlessly. Bearhug, and #1 makes it a point to reapply the hammerlock for that hold too. They stay on the arm, and the armbar finally gets a submission to put Bryant out of his misery.

-We go to Billy Robinson, cutting a promo in bed with his arm in a sling. Yes, he was in fact injured last week, but the doctor has assured him that it will heal, and he WILL be back in that ring.

-The Assassins have a hearty laugh over Robinson’s injury. The Assassins declare themselves “impregnable.” Of course you are! You’re both men, silly goose!

-Off to action last week in the Mid-South Coliseum. The Gibsons get a surprise win over the Assassins in a non-title match, and the Assassins lay them out and bloody them after the bell. David Schultz comes to ringside to tell his friends The Assassins that they’ve made their point and the match his over, but the Assassins shove him away to continue the beating, and David Schultz does NOT take that well. Schultz turns face, fighting both Assassins until the 2-on-1 fight becomes too much for him. The Gibsons recover and surprise #1 by untying the back of his mask, and the Assassins get out of there in a hurry.

-Gibsons are live in the studio, and they want a title match, pronto.


-It’s kind of weird to have both Waynes in the territory but not tagging up. Did Buddy have a heart-to-heart talk with his son and tell him “I think it’d be better for my career if I teamed up with a masked schlub”? Robert hiptosses Buddy as Dave Brown mentions that Buddy weighs 242 pounds. NO THE HELL HE DOES NOT. It’s not a lie on the level of “288-pound Dusty Rhodes,” but it’s up there with lies about weight.

-Avenger tags in and Robert cinches up on a hammerlock. Avenger backs him into the wrong corner and Ricky tags in and applies his own hammerlock. Wayne tags in and tries to turn it into a fight. Doesn’t go well. Everybody tags and Robert finishes off Avenger with a Fuller leglock.

-Jerry Lawler is out here. He has ANOTHER match with Ken Lucas on Christmas night, and Lawler is gobsmacked that this total unknown keeps getting matches. Lawler insists that it’s a nothing match, and Dave Brown brings up the fact that Lawler got his face totally messed up last week in a non-title match and offers to cue up the tape that they just happen to have. They roll the tape and Lawler explains that he had a piece of popcorn wedged between his teeth and he had trouble concentrating. Lucas is just pounding and pounding Lawler, and Lawler explains that it was just luring him into a false sense of security because his punches couldn’t crack an egg. Referee gets bumped and Jimmy Hart holds up a folding chair for Lawler to ram Lucas’ face, but Lucas reverses and knocks him cold, and Lawler, in the studio, is disgusted that Lucas stooped to cheating to get this win.

-Post-match, Lawler attacks, and “since Jerry Jarrett was worried his popular new wrestler would be injured by Jerry Lawler,” the Gibsons hit the ring and chase him off. Lawler refuses to put the CWA World Heavyweight Title on the line on Christmas night because he doesn’t deserve it.

-Jerry Jarrett comes out and complains about how tired he is about catering to Lawler’s every demand, and the terms that Lawler is insisting on for his 1980 contract are completely unreasonable. Jarrett apologetically tells us that to accommodate Lawler’s demands, they would have to raise ticket prices $1.25, and they don’t want to do that…so instead, since Lawler says Ken Lucas is “a nothing match,” Jarrett will book it like a nothing match. He’s putting Lawler’s non-title match on third just to make a point that the territory doesn’t revolve around him, and if Lawler doesn’t bend in the contract negotiations, Lawler will no longer wrestle for CWA after Christmas night.

-Lawler comes back out here again and reiterates the claim that Lucas is a nothing opponent and it’s a worthless match. So Lawler says fine, it’s a title match on Christmas night, BUT…if Lawler wins, then Lawler gets everything he demanded for his 1980 contract, but Jarrett is so fed up with Lawler’s bullshit that he won’t accept that deal. Lawler shakes his head and vows that he’s going on last on Christmas night.

Christmas night card:
-Opening match: 18-man battle royal
-Jerry Bryant vs. Buddy Wayne
-Slim the Scuffling Hillbilly vs. The Mighty Yankee (I’m sorry, this one reads like a “Simpsons” scene where they’re watching wrestling)
-Jerry Lawler vs. Ken Lucas (Uh, if I know my math, this is the FOURTH match)
-Paul Ellering vs. The Grappler
-Steve Regal vs. Jimmy Hart
-Title match! Assassins vs. Gibsons
-Battle royal finals: the last two men in the ring wrestle in a no-DQ, no-referee, no-holds-barred match for $5,000 in cash

-Back to the Coliseum…Ricky Morton & Big Red vs. Tojo and Sonny King. Tojo pulls a handful of salt out of his tights, but Big Red’s a smart man and it turns out he brought his own salt along tonight. He blinds Tojo and hits the splash to finish. You’d think a guy named Big Red would use a handful of cinnamon.

-Superstar Bill Dundee wishes us a merry Christmas. He misses wrestling, signing autographs, and kissing pretty girls, but unfortunately, the doctor says it’s going to be at least eight weeks before he can get back to action.

The final score: review Good
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He truly is the king.

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