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Memphis Wrestling (2.9.1980) Review

December 26, 2021 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Memphis Wrestling Bill Dundee
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Memphis Wrestling (2.9.1980) Review  

-Originally aired February 9, 1980.

-Your hosts are Lance Russell and Dave Brown. Lance pledges that “we have a dandy this week.” So I guess Adrian Street is on the card.

-Lucas comes out with a flurry of offense, driving knees into the shoulder and the chin. Lucas boots Ralph as Dave nonchalantly declares Lucas “the favorite” for this match. Audience member shouts something inaudible that gets an appreciative laugh from the audience and the commentators as Lucas applies a sleeper on Ralph for the win. Lucas leaves the ring without waking up the jobber, leaving the referee to do it, and a few fans pick up on that and boo babyface Lucas on his way out.

-Tuesday night in Louisville, Bill Dundee faces the fully heel-turned Paul Ellering and says that he’s going to get revenge for what Ellering and Sugar Bear Harris did to him, and Lance Russell hastily tells us to stay tuned for later in the show to see what he’s talking about.

-No information out there about the jobber, but I’m willing to bet the last name is a coincidence. Awkward start to this as we have to wait around for one minute for the referee to actually show up.

-Gibson works the arm on the enormous Eaton and switches to the front facelock. Eaton comes back with forearms. Gibson comes back with a Thesz press, with Eaton legit resisting taking the bump, and when they hit the mat, Gibson grabs Eaton’s wrists and holds him DOWN for the three-count, and the commentators acknowledge the visible “resistance” from Eaton at the end there.

HANDSOME JIMMY VALIANT (Southern Champion, with Jimmy Hart) vs. ROBERT GIBSON

-We’re finally starting to “get there” with Jimmy Hart, as he’s now sporting the white tuxedo and strutting with a walking stick.

-Valiant struts and stalls. Robert resists and reverses an armdrag, and Valiant hits the floor to recover. Jimmy Hart is getting more and more vocal on the floor, too. It’s a heel crowd this week, as the crowd chants for the champ. Gibson gives him a good challenge, but Valiant fights back with forearms and a backdrop. Valiant tries for a second one, but Gibson kicks him away and TAKES THE STRAPS DOWN! Oh damn!

-Gibson drives elbows into Valiant and knocks him out to the floor. Valiant gets a weapon from his tights and brings it back in. One shot knocks Gibson loopy. He crawls to the apron to try to recover, but Valiant posts him and Gibson is almost out. Jimmy Hart distracts the referee while Valiant posts him again, and you can see blood dripping onto the floor.

-Back in, Valiant keeps up the assault, and as much as I like to say I’m against doing the obvious, predictable thing every time, Rick is starting to look like a crappy older brother. Valiant distracts the referee as Jimmy Hart whacks Robert with his cane. Referee confronts Jimmy Hart about his suspicions while Hart passes the cane into the ring. Valiant takes some shots with it until Rick FINALLY comes to the ring and rescues his brother with an ass-kicking that gets his brother DQed.

-The Assassins (and they’re down to two again) are out here to address a ridiculous accusation that they’re loading weapons into their masks. They simply have extremely hard heads, and to prove that point, they have some solid pinewood boards, and they’re going to break the boards simply with headbutts…

-Except wait a minute, the Assassins remember that they have a match scheduled, so they tell Lance to hang onto the boards and they’ll do their demonstration AFTER the match.


-Regal works the arm on #1. #2 tags in and goes for a backdrop, but Regal leapfrogs and dropkicks him. #1 comes back in and Regal goes right back to working the arm. Morton tags in and dropkicks #1, then #2 heads back in and misses a corner charge.

-Regal and Morton keep giving them a fight. Assassins pull a switcheroo AND load up the mask, but before they can get the job done, Ken Lucas and Billy Robinson hustle into the ring and start a fight. Nice payoff, as Robinson and Lucas grab the pinewood boards from the planned demonstration and break them over the Assassins’ heads. Robinson gets one Assassin into a prone position and tries to pull the weapon out, but the cameraman knows where this is going and shows us that they have the wrong Assassin and the weapon is in the other mask, so finally Gibson and Robinson give up and just let them get away.

-Lance Russell brings Superstar Bill Dundee over to explain a technicality about something that happened in a recent CWA Title match. Dundee accepts the screwy DQ finish but he knows he’s getting a rematch and he’s ready for his revenge.

-And Lance wraps it up there, but Paul Ellering walks over and asks why he doesn’t get mic time. Lance explains that he only wanted to do the interview to address the questions they got from fans asking about the finish of the match, but Ellering considers it a slight and thinks he’s not getting the respect he deserves for his achievements (“I have a PATCH on my shirt!”)


-I don’t like Dundee’s chances here. If you’ve never received this history lesson, Sugar Bear Harris is the future Kamala with a full head of hair and a singlet, and you’d never recognize him.

-FALL ONE: Dundee immediately takes Harris off his feet with a dropkick. Ellering tags in and instantly tags back out. Dundee applies a side headlock. He tags Ellering in, and Ellering applies his own side headlock, but then tags right back out. Dundee gets trapped in the heel corner and Smithson goes for a side headlock of his own. Dundee tries a dropkick but crashes.

-Heels take over from there. Big boot by Harris. Dundee tries to tag out, but Ellering backs away and Harris elbows him down for two. Smithson gets a two-count. Ellering refuses another tag. Dundee throws a dropkick and tries to tag out, but now it breaks out into an argument. Ellering suplexes Dundee, and Harris drops an elbow on Dundee to take the first fall. Ellering declares Dundee to be “a humpty dumpty” and storms off.

-And with that, TV time is up.

The final score: review Average
The 411
Great show, except the big angle felt really odd and anticlimactic after all the house show promos telling us it was about to happen.

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