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Memphis Wrestling (6.9.1979) Review

July 24, 2021 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
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Memphis Wrestling (6.9.1979) Review  

-Originally aired June 9, 1979.

-Your hosts are Lance Russell and Dave Brown. They lead off by announcing Bill Dundee & Jerry Lawler have ONCE AGAIN regained the Southern Tag Team Title, the 13th time for Dundee and the 18th time for Lawler, and the 322nd title change in 34 years.


-Dundee and Davis go to the mat and trade arm work. Brown notes that Davis has put on some really impressive showings in matches recently, and it sounds like they’re starting to make plans for him. Everybody tags and the commentators riff on Monroe for wearing polka-dotted tights. Like that would ever get over.

-Everybody tags again and Dundee hiptosses Davis. Davis backs off as the commentators again note that Davis is showing improvement, and his weight gain indicates that his training is going well, too. Lawler comes in and boxes Davis, and Davis just gets overwhelmed and escapes. Lawler rattles him with more rapid-fire punches, and Dundee finishes him off with a forearm.

-Lance talks to the new champs and we watch the title change from Mid-South Coliseum. Mr. Fuji and Toru Tanaka, the reigning champs, were scheduled to wrestle Lawler and Thunderbolt Patterson, but Patterson missed the show due to “transportation issues” and I can’t tell if that’s the angle they were going for the whole time or if it’s just covering for Thunderbolt being Thunderbolt. Anyway, Dundee was brought in as a replacement. Fuji misses a top rope legdrop, Lawler drops an elbow and gets the three-count.

-Fuji & Tanaka are protesting the decision because of the unauthorized substitution, but Dundee makes the point that the winning pinfall was scored by the guy who was scheduled to be there.

-Back from commercial, we get our answer to a question I asked earlier, as Lawler quips that five full days after winning the belts back, he still doesn’t actually know where the hell Thunderbolt Patterson is, but honestly, Lawler says he doesn’t miss the guy.

-The Bombers are Larry Latham (Moondog Spot with his hair combed) and Wayne Ferris, fully turned heel months after the last show that we watched. And yes, Tommy Jr. would be Eddie, two months shy of his 18th birthday.

-Charles gets Latham on the mat and snaps his leg. Ferris tags in and Charles clamps on a wristlock. Latham heads back in and hiptosses Charles, who’s keeping this really competitive while conspicuously keeping Junior from coming in there. Ferris works the leg and even Lance draws attention to Charles dominating the match, saying that he’s doing so because he knows the boy is still learning and he wants to teach the kid some stuff.

-Tommy Junior finally tags in and works Ferris’ leg, doing a pretty good job of it. We’re getting some pretty long squashes this week. Latham comes in and the jobbers get him stuck on the mat and keep working the leg as the match is interrupted by a deafening CLANG, and according to the commentators, the bottom of the ring just fell completely out. That is magnificently on-brand.

-Gilbert is still working the leg until Latham FINALLY crawls to the corner and makes the tag, with Gilbert looking like a complete idiot because he saw the tag being made, and Ferris is able to get a cheap shot because he just absolutely forgot to look up. Chinlock by Ferris. Ferris goes to something like a surfboard as we hit TEN MINUTES for this match.

-Gilbert gets to his feet and trips Ferris to break the hold. Latham tags in but still can’t finish the job. Gilbert just fights him off as the commentators start giving us time signals. Bombers keep trying surfboards and Gilbert just keeps fighting them off. With the time limit damn near gone, he finally tags Charles in and the fresh man dropkicks the hell out of everybody. He tosses Ferris to the floor and hits the ropes to try to finish Latham, but Ferris pulls the rope down to cause Charles to fall out to the concrete, and Ferris hustles back in there and hits the decapitator. They’re so pissed about being shown up by the kid that they just totally forget to pin him and beat on him and beat on him and beat on him until the bell sounds and Tommy Gilbert Sr. has had enough and runs in to rescue his son. Hey, the kid did all right for himself, and that was a good match!

-You know Rick better as Rip. Going by name alone, Dallas Montgomery missed his true calling in life and should have become a weatherman. Slam and an elbow by Oliver finish this one. Montgomery springs right up and demands that the match continue, but Oliver blows him off and just walks away. That was odd.

-We go back to Mid-South Coliseum for action pitting Robert Fuller against the Mongolian Stomper. Fuller looks like he’ll finish it with the old family leglock, but Gorgeous George runs in for a 2-on-1 attack. He accidentally KOs the Stomper, though, allowing Fuller to get the pin anyway.

-Lance talks to Stomper and Gorgeous George. Gorgeous George is wearing a baseball cap that just has “PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING” embroidered on it, like John Belushi’s COLLEGE sweatshirt.

The final score: review Good
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Neat to see the pre-history of Eddie Gilbert!

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