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Memphis Wrestling (7.21.1979) Review

September 10, 2021 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
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Memphis Wrestling (7.21.1979) Review  

-Originally aired July 21, 1979.

-Your hosts are Lance Russell and Dave Brown.

-And no time to waste. This show (at least this copy of it) starts right off with the arrival of the Boulder Brothers, Eddie and Terry “The Hulk.” I can’t tell if he’s faking or if he shed the accent later or what, but Hulk has a very pronounced southern accent here and it’s jarring to hear him talk. He has a great opening line here, talking in a soft-spoken, compassionate voice as he mournfully announces that one of the most tragic events of Ron Bass’ life is about to happen.

-Koko dropkicks father & son into each other, sending Buddy to the floor. He works Ken’s arm and brings in Hutchinson, and that’s Koko’s first and last mistake in this match, as the Waynes just overwhelm Hutchinson. Backbreaker by Buddy gets three.

-The Fabulous Freebirds are here and they’re insulted at how long they’ve been made to wait for their introduction on this week’s episode, and Michael Hayes demands to speak to Lance’s manager about it.


-What an odd choices for a three-fall match. “Mr. Electricity”-model Steve Regal, Lordship-model.

FALL ONE: Regal with hiptosses on Michael Hayes. Regal locks on headscissors as they’re pushing him as the up-and-coming star of his team. Regal dominates until Hayes can get him caught in the Freebird corner. Gordy tags in and Regal is game, but he tags Morton in. Morton surprises everyone by taking a hiptoss but holding onto Gordy’s arm and hiptossing him right back.

-Jobbers look like a million bucks, but Gordy overwhelms with sheer power. Elbow by Hayes, and he follows with a big elbow. But they won’t put Morton away. Gordy just toys with Morton, letting him wear himself out with offense and then dismantling him. Squash goes over five minutes, but Morton just has nothing left in the tank and they’re putting him through hell for fun. Regal breaks the attempted pin, but Morton is so beaten to death that they just wait for the referee to get Regal back out of the ring, and THEN they pin Morton.

-FALL TWO: Regal and Morton leave ringside and when the second fall starts, Regal returns with Bill Dundee, with Lance explaining that Morton suffered a shoulder injury in fall one and the promotion is allowing a reasonable substitution for the rest of the match. So the Freebirds are immediately frustrated by having to take on an actual star.

-Freebirds rally and take control over Dundee. Regal gets a tag behind the back and gets Hayes on the mat for a side headlock as Lance Russell is giving time signals for what’s left of this episode, so I’m guessing this “episode” is actually a couple of weeks stitched together.

-Dundee tags back in and gets the upper hand on Gordy, then tags Regal back in. Interesting strategy, as they seem to be showing Regal as Dundee’s total equal. Freebirds hang Regal in the dreaded Tree of Why is This So Difficult to Get Untangled From? and then gang up on Dundee. TV time runs out, but the referee goes ahead and gives Regal and Dundee the second fall anyway.


-From next week, I guess? Tommy works Wayne Ferris’ arm and brings in Eddie, and again, Eddie just shows no trace of the charisma and personality that he’d suddenly have shooting out of his fingertips six years later. Latham knees Eddie in the back from the apron and suddenly the kid’s in trouble. Ferris tags in and applies a chinlock. Ferris, by the way, has “UFO” printed on the back of his tights, likely as a tribute to the great Memphis fans who always yell “You! F.O.!” at him when he walks to the ring.

-Tommy breaks up the pin when his son is in trouble. Ferris goes to a chinlock just to tire Eddie out completely, but Eddie elbows free and tags in Dad, and Tommy takes on both Bombers. Bombers try a double-team and the referee gets distracted by Eddie trying to run in and stop it, while he’s dealing with Eddie, Sgt. Davis runs in with his army helmet and KOs Tommy, and it’s a tainted win for the Bombers. But a little old lady in the stands makes an impassioned plea for justice, and the referee actually listens to the fans and reverses the decision! It’s a win for the Gilberts by DQ.

-A Jackie Fargo video package. Disco has never felt more out of place.

-Lance Russell welcomes the legendary Danny Hodge, and to be honest, this is the first time I’ve ever seen Danny Hodge. And this guy sounds EXACTLY like Jim Ross’ impression of him.


-Danny Hodge is so soft-spoken on commentary that when anybody hits the mat it totally drowns out the sound of his voice. Hans gets the upper hand on Dundee, but Dundee just rams himself head-on into Schroeder’s stomach and tags out. Lawler misses a fist drop. He has both straps up on his tights, I don’t know what the hell he expected to accomplish with THAT move. Gestapo tags in and Dundee puts him away with a bodypress.

-Jackie Fargo cuts his unique brand of promo, which consists of using the word “Pally” over and over again.

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
I remain glad that I picked this territory, but not much in the way of a memorable week after the Boulders.

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