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Michael Cole Calls Himself a Social Media Dumbass

January 24, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– In a new article on JBL’s website, Michael Cole recently spoke about the Manti T’eo situation and more. Here are the highlights…

On Insulting a Fellow Colleague on Twitter: “I will not be a hypocrite here, it’s not in my nature. So I am naming myself, Michael Cole, as the original social media DUMBASS. A few years ago I called a friend and colleague a name on twitter that was meant in jest. It was a horrible mistake because the word I used was extremely hurtful to an entire group of people. It was embarrassing and humiliating because based on that one word the entire world thought I was something that I wasn’t. It took a heartfelt apology and years of hard work to attempt to repair the damage.”

On The Manti T’eo Situation: “How about this idiot who nearly ruined Manti T’eo’s life and reputation and that of his family’s? DUMBASS! What would prompt anyone to engage in the art of “cat fishing”? Is your life that bad off that you need this type of attention? Does it make you feel powerful to tug at someone’s heart strings, play with their emotions, and in the end ruin them? Are you so insecure with yourself, your life, your body, your own pitiful miserable existence that you need to engage in this? Get a life, loser.”

Credit: layfieldreport.com

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