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Michael Elgin Continues To Defend Himself On Social Media, Posts Statements From Alleged Witnesses

July 24, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Michael Elgin Impact Wrestling Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Earlier this month, Michael Elgin posted a video to Youtube to defend himself from accusations against him from the #SpeakingOut movement, which led to his dismissal from Impact Wrestling. One of the claims was from a woman who said Elgin sexually assaulted her in 2011. In a series of posts on Twitter, he continued to defend himself and even posted statements from people he claims are witnesses.

One person wrote: “I was present at the November 2011 ROH tapings at Davis Arena in Louisville, KY when we all (Elgin, Layne, and myself) shared a hotel room together. There was some sexually charged discourse between Elgin and Layne but never any action or language that would indicate assault. At the time I was very good friends with Layne and she never shared with me any indication that would point to misconduct. I’ve known Michael Elgin since 2004 and he’s always been a pleasure to work with. I believe him to be on the passionate side when it comes to women but have never believed him to be a predator of any sort.

Another person wrote: “I was present during this evening and there was never any sign of Elgin being intimate with Layne or anyone else. We joked about how Layne wasn’t interested in Elgin and made light of the situation. No forceable scenario took place.

Yet another said: “I concur [with Michael’s statement].

Elgin himself added: “I was going to wait, but I have a son. Young family members that look up to me. So I have to make things public I was hoping the proper channels will. They have been sent to my employer and attorney. I’m choosing to not go back and forth with people. I’ll make it very clear as to why. I had a public fight against accusations. If I had any concern I had ever done anything like such accusations I would not have spent my savings I put away for my sons college to fight in court. I did so, because I and now many people hurt and that thought these claims were true found out it was lies.

When these things came out recently I was told they would be looked into. I haven’t got any further Info. I had to get info so that I could provide answers for the people who support me, the people who are close to me. The world is in a weird spot. Yes I do truly feel believing victims is just, is the right thing to do. But with all of us feeling this it does allow some people to twist stories or suggest something was much worse than it was. Now I think this is a very very rare occurrence. Such a small select view would do this.

But when something is said that’s untrue what options do we have to combat that? We can stay silent but then public feels that determines guilt. You speak up, you’re attacking people. You take them to court, and that is ridiculed. You have no options, but I will not let false things harm myself or the people I love. Now I have my faults. I’ve not always made wise decisions but I did not do anything to harm myself, or my ability to raise my son. When that is being attacked you have to make choices.

I’ve made the choices. I had to for my future but most importantly my sons future. For anyone who has had to deal with such trauma that has been presented. I’m sorry, I know no ones words will ever take the pain away. People deserve to be Heard. They deserve due process. But due process is very important. For everyone involved. But no matter what I say, or anything else it’s attacked. But silence was no longer an option. Everyone deal with what you have to deal with in any way that helps and have a great day.





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