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Michael Elgin Says He Doesn’t Like Wrestling Anymore Because ‘Everyone is So Soft’

May 14, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Michael Elgin Impact Wrestling

Michael Elgin had a busy night on Twitter last night, declaring that he doesn’t like it anymore due to all of the ‘soft’ people that made a mockery of the business. He pointed out later that this was not the fans he was talking about, but some of his fellow wrestlers.

He wrote: “I legit don’t like wrestling anymore. Everyone is so soft. Everyone let’s outsiders or “fans” dictate how we should be. I’m just staying off here, so called wrestlers have turned to nothing but a mockery of how people and wrestling should be. I don’t like hating my profession. I enjoy interacting with the fans. But the “wrestlers” not all of them. Are just lame. You can interact with fans, and still be a goddamn pro. Unfortunately that’s lost.

He spent the rest of the time interacting with fans who disagreed, or wrestlers who agreed. His main point seems to be that certain wrestlers don’t have the same physique as him, don’t put in the work and make wrestling in general look bad. You can see all of the tweets about the subject below.

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