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Mick Foley Names His Male and Female MVPs of Pro Wrestling

September 1, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mick Foley WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

Mick Foley has weighed in on his picks for male and female MVPs of professional wrestling. Foley touched on the topics during his recent episode of Foley is Pod, and you can check out some highlights below (per Wrestling Inc):

On his male wrestling MVP: “I would say Moxley is my MVP at this point in the year. Just for what his presence on TV has meant. Coming back from rehabilitation and willing to go anywhere and work any style. That reminds me of the Harley Races, the traveling champion of old. I would put Moxley up there as my male MVP.”

On his female wrestling MVP: “Becky Lynch at this point is my female MVP. She’s not going to probably return before the end of the year, I don’t know. Even if she doesn’t return before the end of the year, I think what she did on a weekly basis was just so impressive that she gets my nod. Not just because she’s a good friend and sites me as an inspiration, just because she did amazing stuff.”

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