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Mickie James Plans to Walk Out With Impact Knockouts Title at WWE Royal Rumble

January 19, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mickie James Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Mickie James is set to be part of the women’s Royal Rumble match, and she has confirmed she will come out with the Impact Knockouts Championship. James was a guest on Busted Open Radio and you can see some highlights below (per Wrestling Inc):

On planning to walk out with the Knockouts Championship: “I think it’s pretty important. And I feel like the fact that Pat (McAfee) has already mentioned it on television and referred to me as the Knockouts World Champion, that was really powerful. So, I intend to walk out with the championship, I feel like that’s representing the company that I work for now and that I am the champion for.”

On the “trash bag” incident being a reason she wants to return: “I feel like too, it was important for me not to have that incident be the thing. I did some incredible work there at WWE. And for whatever reason, that’s the thing, that door is never really closed. And I just hated having that bad blood, I didn’t want that asterisk. I’ve had all these cool matches and cool moments, but it was overshadowed by this one thing, that sucked.

“And I am glad that it’s not going to happen anymore, and it sucked. But it wasn’t like I was the only person it happened to and I think at the end of the day my dream was always to have been there and do all these monumental things that I was able to do there. I just didn’t want to be known for the other thing. So, this is something cool and different. So if that is the last thing, it’s a pretty cool last thing, you know?”

On being announced ahead of time: “It’s amazing, I didn’t think it was going to get the reaction that it did. It kind of blew up bigger than I thought. You hope to get a little buzz, but yeah it was amazing. I was hoping for the surprise, I thought the surprise would have been good. But then, there’s still more surprises, so that makes me wonder who’s going to be the surprises then?”