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Mid-South Wrestling (1.21.1984) Review

October 18, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 12-3-83 Nikolai Volkoff
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Mid-South Wrestling (1.21.1984) Review  

-Originally aired January 21, 1984.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts.

-Bill Watts chats with Jim Cornette. Watts gives Gary Hart, Skandar Akbar, and Rock Hunter credit because they went into managing with a wrestling background and championships to their credit. On the other hand, he’s appalled by Cornette, a young kid who hasn’t worked a day in his life and is building his career entirely from his mother’s money.

-We roll some tape of Reeser Bowden doing a house show promo with Magnum TA and Mr. Wrestling II, and Cornette strolls in and tells “the frustrated sex symbol and the other one who’s just frustrated” that they should give the Midnight Express a title shot. Cornette declares that the Tag Team Champions are CHICKENS (foreshadowing) and Magnum insinuates that Cornette is a hen pretending to be a rooster.

-We’re back to Bill & Jim, and Jim is just beaming about getting to watch himself on TV. Bill rolls more tape, showing us the tarring and feathering from last week. Cornette chuckles and makes chicken noises as he watches the tape, and Bill Watts convincingly looks like he’s three seconds away from slapping the shit out of the little brat. These two have fantastic chemistry. So Bill now lays out a big bombshell. The Mid-South Board of Directors are so appalled at Cornette’s actions last week that they are levying the largest fine in the history of Mid-South Wrestling on Cornette: FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. And Cornette doesn’t even blink at the amount, saying that $5,000 is one phone call to Mama, and Bill Watts is just speechless that a $5,000 fine isn’t enough to get through to this little prick.

-This was just a solid gold segment all the way through, with Watts actively looking for ways to get into Cornette’s head, like mocking his lack of athletic background and surprising him with a fine, and the usually unflappable cowboy ends up in total shock at how nothing seems to register with him. Cornette walks off and Watts admits that his hands were curling into fists the entire time he was talking.


-This is supposed to be a rematch from Taylor’s surprise win, but it’s Krusher Darsow in the ring instead, claiming that Volkoff has a shoulder injury so he’s sitting this out. Taylor ducks a clothesline and throws a dropkick. Backdrop by Taylor has he looks on track to make it 2 for 2 against the Russians, but he’s taking his time with Darsow, applying an abdominal stretch as the “injured” Volkoff heads into the ring with a noose, and the Russians hang Taylor. Watts suspects that this was all a plot by the Russians. Yeah, no shit, you usually don’t see an accidental lynching.

-Back from commercial, Boyd Pierce is here with Magnum TA and Mr. Wrestling II, who are sitting in on guest commentary for the next match, but Boyd gives them a warning that if they leave the commentary table during the next match, there’s a $2500 fine.


-Cornette throws feathers at Jim Ross during the introductions, and Cornette grabs the mic and just unleashes every possible insult, egging on the champs; Magnum almost takes the bait but Mr. Wrestling II holds him back while Cornette says that if he ever wanted to get his hands on somebody, a $2500 fine would never be enough to stop him. And so the Midnight Express comes to the ring, doing a chicken strut all the way down the aisle.

-Jackson bodypresses Dennis Condrey as soon as the bell sounds for a surprise two-count. II is still trying to calm down TA, encouraging him to just treat the match as a study session. Everybody tags and Eaton comes off the second rope with a knee to the neck, yelling “TWO! TWO!” the entire time. Midnight Massacre finishes. Post-match, the Midnights just beat the hell out of the jobbers some more and make a point by tarring and feathering Bond, and Magnum, with feather-related PTSD, storms the ring to attack the Express, and II, figuring they’ve already blown the $2500, just follows him in there to join the brawl.


-Ex-jobber Landell is making his first appearance with the new persona. In my head canon, this feud was instigated when Buddy looked at his contract for the match and saw that Starbuck had half-assedly scribbled “Bernie Lutrell” for the name of his opponent.

-Landell slaps Starbuck and hides in the rope while Watts commends Landell for hitting the gym and improving his toughness and wrestling skills before returning to Mid-South. Landell keeps slapping Starbuck around. Backbreaker and a big elbow by Landell get three. The “Nature Boy” ripoff gimmick is such a blatant thing that I feel like it needs to be dealt with before you actually bring him in. Show a package and explain the delusion. Without that, I have to think the fans were just looking at him sideways.


-This is actually the first time I’ve ever seen Brian wrestle. All I know about him is he’s a friend of the Von Erichs and that he had a Rontunda/Rotundo-like issue with different companies never being able to decide what his last name was.

-Adidas works the arm as Watts announces the impending arrival of the Mid-South TV Title, and since 1984 is an Olympic year, the TV Title will be a medal instead of a belt. A medal is less stupid than a single trophy to represent three guys holding a championship together, and I’m in favor of wrestling trying something kind of different–why not a medal for a championship?

-Henry applies a side headlock and rams Adidas into the turnbuckles. BADLY-blown attempt at a victory roll and I think it was supposed to be the finish. They have a quick huddle and Adidas just cradles him right after for three. Oof. This was the kind of situation where Vince McMahon would make the guys go back out there and do the match again.


-I’m actually surprised Rood is still here. Ito just chops and chops and chops and chops and chops and chops and chops and chops and chops before finally mixing things up with a tiny kick. Tongan death grip makes its debut in America, and Rood begins spewing blood from his mouth. Jobbers hit the ring to try to make Ito break, but he attacks them and goes right back to his deadly grip on Rood’s throat.

-Bill closes the show with a music video about some exciting new youngsters who call themselves the Rock ‘N Roll Express. Boyd: “Girls…hold on.” Indeed.

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