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Mid-South Wrestling (1.28.1984) Review

October 28, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 1-28-1984
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Mid-South Wrestling (1.28.1984) Review  

-Originally aired January 28, 1984.

-Your hosts are Jim Ross and Bill Watts. The story this week is that Jim Cornette demanded a match pitting the Midnight Express against Magnum TA & Mr. Wrestling II. Mid-South granted the match, but just to screw with annoying pain in the ass Cornette, Grizzly Smith slipped “non-title” into the contract, and Cornette took the bait and signed the contract without reading it.

-Cornette cuts a promo saying that he’s not playing around, and he pledges to turn TA and II into believers this week.


-Cornette snatches the microphone out of Boyd Pierce’s hand and insults him before introducing the Express, and Boyd does an amazing sell of the new kid being a rude ass to him. Cornette is just making enemies left and right in this territory and the whole story with him from day one has been great.

-Champs storm the ring and attack the Express before the bell. They clear the ring and the Express has a huddle before Dennis Condrey heads in. Champs take Condrey’s leg out and go to town on it. Magnum misses an elbow and Condrey hastily tags out, but TA just takes HIS leg out, and the champions go to exactly the same strategy, so they have two injured opponents now.

-So II tags in and gets a sneaky knee to the back from Condrey on the apron, and now the Midnights take over, with Condrey tagging in and stomping a mudhole in II while Eaton does a march up and down the apron to walk off the injury, so after he’s done the walk, he tags back in nd he’s totally fine, and II is taking a beating. II throws a couple of punches that are just hard enough to give himself an opening to tag out. II cleans house, but then bounces off the ropes, and Cornette yanks the top rope down, causing Magnum to tumble out to the floor. And Cornette just decides he’s done with this match, removing his belt and passing it to his men, and they whip II repeatedly. TA crawls back in to make the save, but they pass the belt to Cornette and Cornette whips him repeatedly, the ultimate humiliation. II finally gets his hands on a chair to end the onslaught, but the champs both have visible welts across their backs when it’s over. Good match, fantastic angle.

-JR talks to the champs post-match, and they won’t stand for the humiliation. II reminds the state of Louisiana of a man named Killer Karl Krupp, who hasn’t been seen since Mr. Wrestling II took the skin off his back a few years ago.

-Reed is in a hurry this week, press slamming Starbuck and pinning him right away with a shoulderblock.


-Slam by Neidhart, and another one. Crowd reactions for Neidhart and Reed are both noticeably muted, as the initial split-up could be read two different ways and it feels like the crowd isn’t clear on who the heel is and who the face is. Case in point, Reed attacks after the bell and the crowd reaction is kind of mixed for that.


-Ito kicks and chops Savoldi. Diving headbutt as Watts suspects that somebody is pulling the strings for this guy, but no representation for him has shown up. Ito applies the deadly throat claw and the referee calls for the bell because Grizzly Smith immediately took action and declared it an illegal move. Ito keeps the hold locked on and Savoldi starts bleeding from the mouth.

-Flashback to last week, when the Russians hanged Terry Taylor.

-And we get some history right away, as Nikolai no longer has his audio tape of the Soviet anthem, so he asks for the microphone and sings it instead. And that’s more than the Americans can take, so they storm the ring and attack. Russians regroup and the match starts proper with Taylor and Darsow. Faces work the arm, Darsow gets out of town, but the faces shift focus easily and work Volkoff’s arm.

-Darsow with a knee to the back from the apron as you’d swear they just used the opening match’s script and crossed a few things out. It really is almost note-for-note the same bout. Darsow stun-guns Adidas and Volkoff adds a headbutt. Adidas kicks Volkoff away and tags out as soon as he can, and Taylor takes on the world, bodypressing Volkoff for a near-fall, but a pier sixer breaks out, and in the middle of it, Masao Ito returns and applies the throat claw on Brian Adidas. Adidas begins spitting up blood as the referee frantically calls for the bell, and everyone is so concerned about Ito that the locker room empties just to check on Adidas, and Terry Taylor looks like the biggest badass ever, as he sees Adidas laid out and bleeding from the mouth and he goes straight to Ito and just begins kicking his ass all the way to the exit. Damn this company knew how to make a star.


-Poffo gets Landell on the mat and MESSES UP THE HAIR, and Landell looks like he’s going to pull a gun on Poffo right there. And that’s all the motivation Landell needs, as Poffo ends up on the floor and Landell suplexes him back in. Landell cockily slaps him around, but Poffo just gives him a shot to the gut and elbows him down. Slam by Poffo and a slingshot splash looks to finish, but Landell gets a foot on the ropes. Poffo slams him into position and tries a moonsault, but Landell raises the knees. Landell retreats to the apron for a breather, but Poffo gets his wind back and tries to bring him back inside with a slingshot, but Landell digs his heels in and reverses the slingshot, causing Lanny to fly out and crash on the floor, and back inside, Buddy drops an elbow for three. So plans have officially changed from “Randy Savage is coming into the territory for a main event tag team program with his brother” to “Lanny jobs to Buddy Landell.” Crap.

-We watch the Rock ‘N Roll Express music video again.

The final score: review Good
The 411
The Reed/Neidhart feud really isn't doing it for me, but the rest of the show was solid gold.

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