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Mid-South Wrestling (1.8.1983) Review

September 11, 2019 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 1-8-83
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Mid-South Wrestling (1.8.1983) Review  

-A local station promo from Boyd Pierce, again wearing his irritating normal blue suit. What happened to you, Boyd? You used to be cool.

-Originally aired January 8, 1983.

-Oh hey, I just realized I’ve already reviewed this episode. Some years back in a tape trade (hey, everybody, remember tape trading?) I got a a batch of episodes of “Mid-South Classics.” Bill Watts aired reruns of the show at around the time that he relaunched the company as the Universal Wrestling Federation, and this was one of the episodes I snapped up. I reviewed all of them when Bill was inducted into the Hall of Fame, so the following is a rerun. So be advised, the following review was written way before WWE Network was ever a thing, which is why I might tend to overexplain things that we’ve covered pretty well in the past two months or so.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce & Bill Watts. Bill Watts talks about Junkyard Dog’s impending return from his 90-day suspension and speculates that JYD & Stagger Lee would be a formidable tag team at that point. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Stagger Lee was JYD wearing a mask and doing the Midnight Rider bit.) Bill talks about the Freebirds heel turn in the Christmas night cage match and promises us a clip in future weeks.

-Reeser Bowden talks to Mr. Wrestling II, wearing a black & white mask along with a plaid suit, making him look to all the world like the Phantom of the Match Game. Mr. Wrestling II talks about his feud with Kamala, which stems from his handler Friday showing up wearing a Mr. Wrestling II-style mask. That actually clears up a lot of confusion for me because I always wondered about that. So there you go, it was an angle. Mr. Wrestling II refers to his mask as a member of his family, which makes me think the census taker had a hell of a time at his house.

-Tony Atlas bench-presses 500 pounds with JYD spotting him and Stagger Lee standing nearby, “proving” that they’re two different people.

-Williams is here straight from the Fiesta Bowl. He shoves Renesto down and armdrags him. Renesto tries to come back but Williams just shoves him down and lays on top of him until Renesto makes it to the ropes. Armbar by Williams; Renesto tries to punch out but Williams switches to a wristlock. Weird moment on commentary as Bill goes on and on about super-heavyweights playing college football and he mentions a 340-pounder at LSU named John Tenta. Oklahoma Stampede finishes things for the good doctor.

-Sheepherders and Jack Victory promote an upcoming match with the Fantastics.

“Captain Redneck” DICK MURDOCH vs. MARTY LUNDE
-Yes, Marty Lunde. As in, Double-A is a jobber going by his real name. Murdoch’s gimmick here is also notable for being a hilariously literal interpretation of “Captain Redneck,” as he comes to the ring with the Marine Corp hymn and wearing a camouflage hat. Lunde attacks at the bell and dominates until Murdoch throws a dropkick and drops the elbow for two. Lunde goes to the eyes and throws forearms at Murdoch. Backdrop is countered by a sunset flip and Murdoch gets two off that. Lunde Irish whips him and runs into a boot. Elbow and a series of punches by Murdoch; he Irish whips Lunde and suplexes him to finish things off. I’m curious if they had any plans for the Enforcer because they made him look pretty good here.

KAMALA (with Skandor Akbar and Friday) vs. ART CREWS
-Kamala attacks with chops as Watts teases an impending feud between Kamala & Andre the Giant. Bodyslam and a pair of splashes finish things quickly for the Ugandan Giant.

-Reeser Bowden talks to Skandar Akbar. He announces that he’s selling Kabuki’s contract to Gary Hart.

GREAT KABUKI (with Gary Hart) vs. TIM HORNER
-Kabuki sidesteps the lock-up and turns it into an armbar. Horner fights out with an armdrag and a flying headscissors. Kabuki comes back with a series of kicks. Chop off the second rope by Kabuki, but Horner makes it back to his feet and throws punches. Kabuki traps him in a nerve hold, but Horner elbows out. Kabuki re-applies it from the front and Horner slugs out. Kabuki throws chops and applies a double-purple nurple. See, at least Kabuki is applying different types of nerve holds to Bill Watts can call it a field of expertise for him. Horner throws punches and backdrops Kabuki. Legdrop gets two. Kabuki throws a kick and shoulderblocks Horner. Thrust kick and a chop to the throat give Kabuki the win.

-Bruno, Jr. is David. The commentators talk about the attendance record set by Sammartino/Watts at the old MSG in the 60s. DiBiase and Junior lock up and DiBiase falls victim to a series of bodyslams. Borne does, too. DiBiase and Borne go outside for a breather. I’m guessing Buddy Landell is taking the pin here. Insane-sounding out-of-context quote from Bill Watts notes that DiBiase is scanning the crowd “looking out for any dancing gorillas holding balloons.” (Referring to an angle involving Jim Duggan that we don’t get to see.)

-Matt Borne plants David on the top rope for no reason and David missile-dropkicks him. Dumb spot. DiBiase and Landell come in and Landell gets overwhelmed quickly. Borne drops a knee but can’t even get a one-count from that. DiBiase tags in and the champions double-team Landell as Junior protests. Backbreaker gets two and Landell tries to fight back. He kicks DiBiase down and Borne comes in. Atomic drop by Borne, but Landell makes the tag in mid-air and Junior takes over. Legdrop gets two. He gets backed into the champions’ corner and gets double-teamed. DiBiase tries a back suplex, but Junior reverses and tags in Landell. Landell backdrops Borne and stays on top of him with elbows. DiBiase, on the apron, produces a glove and loads it with something and KOs Landell from the outside to get a three-count.

-II teases the kneelift right away, making Hernandez back off. II traps him in headscissors. Cute spot where Hernandez tries to do a fancy flip to escape and II just keeps tapping him to put him back down on the mat. Side headlock by II, but Hernandez shoves him off. II shoulderblocks him and goes back to the side headlock. Hernandez does everything he can to get out but II just keeps going back to the headlock. Hernandez slaps II and II has a reaction in the vein of “Oh no you Di’I’nt!” Hernandez throws elbows but II reverses an Irish whip and Hernandez Flair-flips onto the floor. Back in the ring, he suplexes II but misses the elbow from the second rope. Kneelift gives II the III-count.

The final score: review Very Good
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I love this show.

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