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Mid-South Wrestling (11.13.1982) Review

June 17, 2019 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Hacksaw Jim Duggan Mid-South Wrestling 11-13-1982
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Mid-South Wrestling (11.13.1982) Review  

-Boyd Pierce is wearing a red and black three-piece suit, so thank god, we’re finally back to normal.

-Originally aired November 13, 1982.

-We open the show with Bill Watts at ringside with the tag team champs, Matt Borne and Ted DiBiase. DiBiase’s beard has finally totally grown in so he looks like Ted DiBiase now. DiBiase calls this Stagger Lee thing a sham and says it’s incredibly obvious that it’s the Junkyard Dog under the mask. Bill Watts says Ted’s full of crap for complaining about someone trying to con him with a mask since the whole thing started because of a guy in a gorilla costume sabotaging a title match.

-And just because it was such a magnificent finish, we flash back and watch that title match again. “WHAT’S THAT GORILLA DOING HERE?” Spare me your bullshit about “Do you believe in miracles?” this and “The band is on the field!” that. Legit sports don’t have calls like this. I’ll stick with pro wrestling, thank you very much.

-And that takes us to the following week, with the surprise debut of Stagger Lee, who squashes DiBiase like a sumbitch and leaves him for dead. Bill Watts lays out the backstory, saying JYD talked about being bullied and beat up when he was a kid by a tough kid named Stagger Lee, so apparently, the new masked man is JYD’s childhood bully.

-Ted DiBiase demands to know the identity of Stagger Lee and speculates that Bill Watts knows who he is because Watts signs the paychecks. And Watts says yeah, that’s true, but they MAIL the paychecks in Mid-South Wrestling. It ain’t like they know who the Grapplers or Mr. Wrestling II are either.

-Bill Watts takes us to some compelling video evidence, as Tony Atlas invited a bunch of kids and some of his friends to watch him set a bench press record. Since JYD is presently unemployed, he dropped by to watch the attempt…and so did Stagger Lee. So there you have it, Stagger Lee and JYD are standing side-by-side in the same camera shot. JYD says he tracked down Stagger Lee and told him he can make a lot more than just milk money if he beats up people in Mid-South. JYD also says that for the next 90 days, he’ll be buying tickets and sitting at ringside for all of Stagger Lee’s matches.

-Back to live action, Ted DiBiase and Matt Borne are still unconvinced. Bill Watts promises them that if they can provide concrete proof that Stagger Lee is really JYD, then the Dog is suspended for a full year.


-Amateur takedown by Atlas. He wrings the arm a bit, and a headbutt from the second rope finishes with ease.

STAGGER LEE vs. MATT BORNE (with Ted DiBiase)

-Holy damn, WWE Network didn’t dub over Stagger Lee’s entrance theme, and I forgot what a catchy song that is. Borne isn’t even attempting to make this a wrestling match, and he’s doing nothing but pulling and tagging at the mask. Stagger Lee resist. DiBiase interferes to help, and Borne manages to slam Stagger Lee down. He comes off the top and connects with bombs away (the whoopee cushion), but when they pull the mask off…that’s not the Junkyard Dog! And now a second Stagger Lee storms into the ring and cleans house!

-Revisiting Bill Watts’ point in an earlier segment, I think if we watch this segment closely, we might be able to figure out one of the Grapplers’ identities. Also, future Arn Anderson is wearing a singlet, which is a surprisingly weird visual.

-Robley and II take turns working the arm as Bill Watts points out that there are green paint stains all over II’s mask, and II was so steaming mad he didn’t want to talk to him about it before the show, but he suspects that someone is after II. Lunde gets his arm worked a bit, but again they keep Lunde looking strong, as Anthony tags in and eats the kneelift from II to finish.


-Side headlock by Iron Mike. Kelly turns it into a top wristlock, but Iron Mike steps through and makes it a hammerlock. Kiniski reverses, so Sharpe yanks his leg out from under him and applies a toehold. Everything is so fluid here. Dropkick by Kiniski, and an elbow gets two, and again, that’s just as good as a win in a way because you rarely see two-counts on Mid-South TV. This is actually a stroke of genius by Bill Watts that needs to be revisted. By having one-counts dominate the show except for the finishes, you can put someone over just by giving them a two-count in a match, and then your star can get the three-count without any harm done to their status. Meanwhile, Sharpe waffles Kiniski with a clothesline and gets the three, but we’ve now seen that Kiniski can hang with the stars in Mid-South.

HACKSAW DUGGAN (Louisiana Champion) vs. KING COBRA

-Cobra gets slammed but rolls away from an elbow and goes nuts on Duggan with a series of dropkicks, and Duggan is so frustrated he goes out to the floor to cool off. Back in, they slug it out and Duggan goes to the eyes to take over. Shoulderbreaker by Duggan, but Cobra hangs on and kicks out. Cobra goes to the second rope and leaps off, but Duggan meets him with a spear to get three.


-Chavo’s first appearance in the territory. Crowd is expecting just some jobber, so when he catches Grappler with headscissors, they burst into a round of applause for him. Rear chinlock into a bow and arrow by Chavo. Grappler starts going to work with elbows. Chavo fights back with rights and monkeyflips him. Grappler loads the boot, but Chavo gets out of the way and dropkicks him to the floor. And he follows that with a tope and Bill Watts shits a brick. Chavo starts unlacing Grappler’s sinister boot, and the bell suddenly sounds for the TV time limit and the show’s over! This was an ingenious way to book Chavo. Instead of just having the new guy go over to pop the crowd, I think this was far more effective. The crowd was just SHOCKED to see the new guy hang with Grappler like that, to the point that they already bought into him as a star without regard to the finish of the match, and the TV time limit meant that they didn’t have to sacrifice Grappler to pull it off, so hey, Chavo might even have a feud to work with now!

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