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Mid-South Wrestling (11.27.1982) Review

July 4, 2019 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Kamala Mid-South Wrestling
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Mid-South Wrestling (11.27.1982) Review  

-Originally aired November 27, 1982.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts. Bill Watts leads off with a lengthy dissertation about weight and bench press statistics for a college football player who was the subject of a story in Sports Illustrated, so just to stick it up mainstream media’s ass, we rewatch the entire Tony Atlas bench press demonstration to show that wrestlers are better athletes than college football players. The gag about how JYD won’t let Bill Watts get close enough to Stagger Lee to interview him is pretty funny.

-Bill Watts excuses himself because Ted DiBiase has asked to sit in for a segment and they only have two headsets. Three headsets are what they do in Russia.


-From Houston. Conway chases DiBiase out to the floor, with DiBiase explaining on commentary that Conway surprised him by doing that while he was trying to listen to the referee’s instructions, and he didn’t know that Houston referees will start matches even in the event of a sneak attack.

-DiBiase stalls. Conway offers him a friendly handshake, but when DiBiase falls for it, Conway gives him a hard slap and dropkicks him to the floor. DiBiase has a pointed argument with the referee (“I’m trying to have a good, clean wrestling match!”) Conway winds up for a punch, but DiBiase gives him a knee and starts hammering. Elbow misses and Conway armdrags him. Arm wringer by Conway as DiBiase explains that he’s never actually seen a Tiger Conway match so he had no way of training for this bout.

-So DiBiase starts throwing punches and slams Conway down. Elbow by DiBiase as we get the five-minute announcement. Backbreaker by DiBiase gets two. He goes to a sleeper, but Conway raises the arm at two and elbows out. DiBiase cuts off the comeback with a knee and drops a fist with the sinister glove. DiBiase tries the sleeper again. Conway fights free again, but DiBiase elbows him down again. DiBiase climbs the turnbuckles, but Conway rolls and DiBiase crashes.

-Conway is a house of fire as the match hits the ten-minute mark, but DiBiase blocks a headbutt and loads up the glove. One big punch knocks out Conway, and DiBiase pins him to retain the title. That was a fine little match, with DiBiase doing a sparkling job of low-key heeling on commentary.

-Reeser Bowden talks to Skandar Akbar, whom we haven’t seen in a while. Akbar simply announces that he’s managing Kamala now, after they spent all this time building it like there was going to be some shocking surprise reveal of Kamala’s manager.

KAMALA (with Skandar Akbar & Friday) vs. EL SILENCIO

-No idea who the masked jobber is, and an attempt to Google it simply brings up a completely fascinating story of a lady wrestler with a similar name, who was later revealed to be one of Mexico’s most prolific serial killers. I suppose we’ll be seeing that on season two of “Lado Oscuro Del Anillo.” Kamala chops the crap out of El Silencio and splashes him to finish easily. He rips off El Silencio’s mask afterward and presents it to Akbar, and Akbar declares that Kamala’s orders are to rip off every mask in Mid-South Wrestling.


-Olympia starts with Ri–hold the hell on, there was a pro wrestler named JOHN DAVIDSON? That’s incredible!

-Olympia slams Rick Davidson around, and he hastily tags in his brother, John Davidson, whose name honest to God is John Davidson. Iron Mike Sharpe slams John Davidson so hard that he probably wishes he could use his Time Machine to go back before he signed for this match. Olympia wrings the arm of John Davidson. Iron Mike tags in and John Davidson attempts to piggy-back him. Iron Mike just rams him in the corner. Olympia stops him from tagging out. John Davidson finally whips Olympia into his partner’s knee and uses the opening to tag out of the Secret Squared Circle. Olympia with a dropkick that misses by a foot, and a bodypress off the second rope gives Olympia and Iron Mike the win. This match was the happiest I’ll be all week.


-Weird visual: Future Arn has shaved the beard and just has a mustache this week. II armdrags Lunde and sends him retreating to the floor right away. Back in, II punches him right in the eye. Kneelift by II has Lunde “counting his change.” II is feeling salty this week so he gives Lunde two more knees before pinning him.

-Commentators point out that Roop is coming back from another vacation, and Watts explains that as a pro wrestler, he is an independent contractor, picks and chooses his own dates, and can take time off whenever he wants, in case we were wondering.

-Roop slams Bond and throws forearms. Bond comes back with forearms of his own. Roop stops him with a knee. Insane commentary by Bill Watts, who mentions that a good friend of his has promised JYD a prize-winning watermelon if he’s back in the ring the next time that the friend is in Louisiana. Roop finishes with a brainbuster soon after and thank god because I can’t concentrate after that.

-Matsuda trades holds with Horner. King Cobra tags in and gets worked over in the Japanese corner. Yatsu with a gutwrench. They trade holds on the mat and Yatsu slams him down. Matsuda hurries in, but Cobra hurries out and Horner backdrops Matsuda. Yatsu tags in and they slug it out. They fight it out while Bill Watts declares that Mid-South has a 33-share in a five-station market and thanks the fans for tuning in as TV time runs out for the draw.

The final score: review Good
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Akbar's return was a little underwhelming but other than that, I got no complaints this week.

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