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Mid-South Wrestling (11.5.1983) Review

August 14, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Dusty Rhodes Mid-South Wrestling 11-5-19833
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Mid-South Wrestling (11.5.1983) Review  

-Originally aired November 5, 1983.

-Your hosts are Bill Watts & Boyd Pierce.

-We review last week’s title change to reiterate that the Mid-South board of directors is getting its shit together and Junkyard Dog is once again North American Champion.


-Not only is this is a hell of a main event to give away on TV for free, but Mid-South’s track record means that by golly, there actually could be a title change here.

-Duggan and Neidhart lock up as Watts says they’re expecting this one to go the whole hour, but they’ve got five stand-by matches signed, just in case. Clothesline by Duggan right away. he sets up for the spear and Anvil tags out immediately.

-Dusty armdrags Reed as Watts says that Nikolai Volkoff is apparently lawyering up over being stripped of the North American belt. Elbow by Dusty sends Reed out to the floor as Bill Watts pats himself on the back for this match, saying it’s better than those cable TV matches you see from Atlanta or Madison Square Garden. Bill was ready for war EARLY, you gotta hand it to him.

-Anvil tags in and absorbs shoulderblocks from Duggan, but Dusty tags back in and targets Neidhart’s ears. Snapmare into a headlock by Dusty. Duggan gets head in but gets a knee to the back from Reed on the apron, and the tide turns.

-Reed tags in and hammers at Duggan, but they collide on a shoulderblock and Anvil hurries in to cut off the hot tag. Big elbow by Anvil misses and Dusty heads in and elbows Reed and Neidhart repeatedly. Reed gets knocked out to the floor and Dusty bodypresses Neidhart, but Reed grabs his hair and yanks him outside to break the pin. Champs hang up on Duggan as Nikolai Volkoff hauls ass to the ring with a big bag of wheat, still trying to make Fetch happen and hitting Dusty over the head with it, knocking him unconscious.

-So that leaves Magnum TA to come to the rescue instead, and the champs run for their lives, setting up some six-man tags at house shows rather nicely. Great match, with Dusty turning it up to eleven here.

NON-TITLE: JUNKYARD DOG (North American Champion) vs. BOBBY DUNCUM

-WEIRD moment in 1983 with Bill Watts elaborating that he thinks that Nikolai was acting on his own and not in cahoots with the champs in the previous match. In other words, as Bill puts it, there was “no collusion” with the Russian.

-JYD works Duncum’s arm. Duncum breaks free and snapmares, but he heads up to the top rope and JYD rebounds quickly, slamming him off and applying an armbar. Duncum fights back with a bulldog, but JYD kicks out before even a one-count. STIFF right hand by Dog, and the Thump finishes. Not great, as JYD is still visibly fading here and he stuck mostly to rest holds.


-Volkoff’s MAD, throwing Cobra around the ring and stomping a mudhole. Nuance from Watts: stomping with the full bottom of the foot is legal. Use of the toe in a stomp is illegal because it can cut the opponent.

-Press slam/backbreaker by Nikolai gets the three, no sweat. And he just walks off. Watts was teasing that there’d be some sort of segment with Nikolai following the match but nah, he just takes off.

-So we come back from the break and Watts says that there was an incident during the commercial break and luckily, the cameras roll during the commercials so we can see what happened.

-Cobra is out cold in the ring and Reed heads to the ring with a bucket of paint. He sends the referee out to the floor and just beats the crap out of Cobra some more. He finishes by painting a big yellow streak down Cobra’s back, which Watts interprets as a direct challenge to JYD, and Dog heads to the ring, sending Reed packing.


-A fan in the crowd is literally laughing and pointing at Tom Stanton during the intros. Come on, you’ve seen MUCH sadder jobbers on this show, guy.

-Stanton hammers away on Poffo. Poffo fights back and finishes quickly with the moonsault.

-Aha, so NOW Nikolai is back in the ring to announce that he complained to the Russian Embassy about having his title belt stolen. Dusty runs down the cowardly American way of taking titles away from people instead of actually getting a victory over them, and Dusty Rhodes shows back up with his neck in a brace and his fists covered with tape, and Dusty lays a good old American whoppin’ on the big man. And then by god there’s still a guy with a microphone in the ring, so Dusty decides he has something to say, and it’s the greatest thing you’ve heard on Mid-South since “What’s that gorilla doing here?” Dusty says, and I quote:


-There’s not even enough in there for me to figure out what word he was going for. But Russia is not part of his repitindah.

-Dusty wraps up by asking Junkyard Dog and all of the other babyfaces to stay away for a while, because Volkoff is HIS battle.


-Dropkicks by Parsons while Watts lays out his backstory: He used to work at an ice factory in college and girls used to tell him his hands were cold and his heart was warm. Also, for future reference, his finisher is the “rumper-stumper.”

-Irish whip and an atomic drop by Parsons. He wrings the arm and just isn’t giving Link ANYTHING here. Splash by Parsons gets two. Another splash misses and Link finally comes to life with shoulderblocks, but rumper stumper outta nowhere finishes. Total squash!

The final score: review Good
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