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Mid-South Wrestling (11.6.1982) Review

April 19, 2019 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Ted DiBiase Mid-South Wrestling 1982
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Mid-South Wrestling (11.6.1982) Review  

-Originally aired November 6, 1982.

-Your host is Boyd Pierce. Boyd has just been wearing an ordinary navy blue suit for the past few weeks and it’s such a letdown. You used to be cool, Boyd.

-Bill Watts is at ringside with Ted DiBiase, Hacksaw Duggan, and Matt Borne. Bill Watts concedes defeat, admitting that the three of them totally outsmarted Mid-South Wrestling’s higher-ups. Watts is ashamed of DiBiase for scheming and plotting when his dad wouldn’t have stood for it. DiBiase’s stance is “My dad’s dead, who cares?” Duggan makes Gorilla noises and actually draws attention to the logic flaw in the whole thing…NOBODY thought it was weird that some guy showed up for the TV taping in a gorilla costume? Nobody asked about that?

-We go to the videotape and watch the title change all over again, because there’s no such thing as “Enough” when it comes to hearing Bill Watts ask what that gorilla is doing here.

-We flash back all the way to the year 1980 for a short film shot in Atlanta of Tony Atlas training for the Mr. USA competition.


-But first! Hacksaw Duggan is here with his Louisiana Title and says that big pretty muscles don’t mean a man is a real athlete. Duggan isn’t as chiseled as Atlas but insists he’s a more legit athlete, and to prove it, he does 20 push-ups on the spot. Atlas is up for the challenge so he does 20 push-ups, then puts one arm behind his back and does ten more. Then he does some hand-clap push-ups. Duggan tries to do his own one-arm push-ups, but wears himself out with only two, so he talks Tony into doing more push-ups, and Bill Watts even says on commentary, “I’ve seen this before.”

-Sho ’nuff, Duggan lays out Atlas, but hurts himself on the spear. Stabler is tired of waiting at this point, and hey, Atlas is pretty worn down, so Stabler decides to get some, and Atlas takes on the jobber and Duggan at the same time. But that’s not enough, so Marty Lunde heads out there so Atlas can kick three asses at once, and everybody runs for the hills. And in the blink of an eye, Tony Atlas is a top star.

TED DIBIASE (North American Champion) vs. S. LEE

-So a scrawny jobber walks into the ring, looking to be about 150 pounds, and everyone just assumes that’s S. Lee. But instead he hands the referee one end of a banner and unfurls it to reveal the message “S. Lee is…STAGGER LEE!” Oh, shit, Lee Marshall’s here, and he wants a piece of Ted DiBiase!

-No, actually, Stagger Lee is mysterious masked man whose gear covers his entire body. He heads into the ring and lays into DiBiase with punches and a clothesline. A big headbutt tips off the identity for anyone in the crowd who hadn’t figured it out yet…and the Thump finishes DiBiase off. And then just to really send a message, Stagger Lee loads up his mask with a foreign object and headbutts DiBiase out to the floor. Referee and Stagger Lee act out some pretty funny melodrama post-match, with JYD pantomiming “I’m not JYD, I’m clearly Stagger Lee!”

HACKSAW DUGGAN (Louisiana Champion) vs. VINNIE ROMEO

-Hacksaw storms to the ring a bloody mess with his head bandaged up, and he rams Romeo from corner to corner and drops a knee on him. Spear finishes for Duggan.


-II works #1’s arm. #1 tags #2 and II wrings #2’s arm. Are you following that? Robley tags in and stays on the arm, and that’s pretty much the entire babyface strategy all the way through this one. #2 comes to life with a backdrop and the Grapplers take control on Robley. Series of elbows by #1, but eventually Robley rolls out of the way and tags in II. II gets caught in the Grapplers’ corner and they work him over. He slips away and tags Robley, who gets a backbreaker for two. II finishes up with a kneelift to get the win, and Watts indicates that they just earned the #1 contender spot with that victory. Decent bout.

KAMALA (with Friday) vs. JESSE BARR

-Barr throws a dropkick and Kamala doesn’t budge. He chops Barr and chokes the life out of him. Jesse goes for a bodypress but Kamala catches him and THROWS him. Doesn’t slam him. Just heaves him all the way across the ring. And a big splash finishes.


-Story here is that it’s supposed to be two jobbers fighting the champions, but Olympia and Iron Mike worked out a deal in the locker room and bought half of the contract, so now they have a chance to exact some revenge on behalf of their friend JYD.

-But first! DiBiase is so angry about this Stagger Lee nonsense earlier in the show and he resents Bill Watts acting like some guy in a mask who walks like Fred Sanford is a total mystery to him. It’s OBVIOUSLY the Junkyard Dog. Mr. Olympia insists that Stagger Lee is a different guy and tells DiBiase to STFU and start the damn match.

-Olympia and DiBiase start while Bill Watts is trying not to laugh at DiBiase, insisting that, yeah, Stagger Lee is a different guy, and Bill knows because he’s one of the guys who signs the checks for the company. Iron Mike tags in as Watts agrees to make a deal with Ted DiBiase. If DiBiase can prove that Stagger Lee and JYD are the same guy, JYD will be handed a much longer suspension, possibly one year.

-DiBiase gets double-teamed by Olympia and Sharpe. Olympia throws a dropkick for a one-count. Watts covers all kinds of ground on commentary, including a rebuttal to Duggan’s promo earlier (There was a state fair going on, everybody just figured the gorilla costume was part of it) and announcing that the Houston Brass Knuckles Championship is being reinstated.

-Olympia with big right hands on DiBiase, but DiBiase uses the tights to send Olympia out to the floor. Borne and DiBiase work him over, and we have the false hot tag, which leads to an argument between Sharpe and the referee, and that gives DiBiase an opening to go into the tights, put on the glove, and lay out Olympia, and Borne gets the three-count. Good match to close the show!

The final score: review Average
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A classic angle and two good matches. I'm up for that!

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