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Mid-South Wrestling (12.17.1983) Review

September 19, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling Jerry Lawler 12-17-1983
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Mid-South Wrestling (12.17.1983) Review  

-Originally aired December 17, 1983.

-Your hosts are Bill Watts and Boyd Pierce. Boyd is at least wearing a fun vest again, but Bill Watts is still dressed like he wants to put YOU behind the wheel of a new Subaru today.

KRUSHER DARSOW (with Nikolai Volkoff) vs. KOKO WARE

-Every fan in the building has a tiny American flag all of a sudden. Darsow slams and backdrops Koko while Bill Watts laments that Darsow is probably using the money he makes from wrestling to buy Soviet war bonds so the Russians can cram their missiles into every corner of the globe. Bill Watts gives me the impression that he’s not much of an FM dial guy. Body vice by Darsow finishes.

-WWE Network makes an edit here due to audio issue…missing from the Network version is Jim Ross visiting Mr. Wrestling II while he trains Magnum TA, making him run full-speed on a dirt road and having him lift weights as “Gonna Fly Now” plays in the background. Audio is really weird here and dubbing generic music over this wouldn’t have gotten the job done. For some reason, JR and Mr. Wrestling II sound like they’re talking on telephones, and the music overpowers them.

-II applies a toehold as Bill Watts relates a story of II being a passenger in Watts’ private plane to get to a house show, and he kept his mask on for the entire flight even though it was just the two of them.

-II keeps the toehold locked on while Watts reminds us of the Carter family’s love of the masked man. II is keeping this one really basic, switching from the toehold to an armlock. Anvil gets to his feet and rams II into the corner to release the hold. Handful of tights gets II on the mat while Anvil does his own arm work.

-Exposition from Bill Watts, who says Magnum’s long-term goal is to defeat and thoroughly humiliate Butch Reed on TV, and that’s why he was willing to pay such a fantastic price for II’s coaching. AMAZING spot sees II wind up for the kneelift, so Anvil scoops up referee Randy Anderson like he’s holding a baby, and II ends up just punting Anderson in the back, and he does a tilt-a-whirl down to the mat to sell it.

-Neidhart goes for a powerslam. II wriggles out and rolls him up with no referee, and Butch Reed hits the ring for a surprise attack. Anvil and Reed start to yank the mask off until Magnum TA comes to his coach’s rescue, taking on the champs by himself. Belly to belly on Anvil…and Magnum wallops Reed with a kneelift, revealing that II has finally taught him the move. Referee revives as Magnum exits the ring, and a kneelift from II knocks Anvil out for good for the three-count. II makes it a point to thank his protege immediately for the help. GREAT booking all the way through that.


-Jim Ross is still getting thrown off by Cornette’s antics during the introduction of the jobbers, and it’s easy to forget how different his entire act was when he first came along. He was just this irritating young punk at a time when managers were middle-aged, bellowing cartoons. Express squashes the opponents quickly as Watts workshops the name “Midnight Devestation” for the finisher. There are glimpses here but the team still isn’t what they’d become.

JUNKYARD DOG (North American Champion) vs. KING CARL FERGIE

-Fergie tries a surprise attack, but JYD just forearms him down. Watts actually tries to give this a story, reminding us of an angle a few months ago where fans in Houston gave JYD a crown, so Fergie here is apparently offended by that and wants to prove that he’s the only one with the right to wear a crown.

-JYD drops a fist as Watts tells us that JYD is as angry as if he bit a pot of burnt beans over the attack by Darsow last week. Fergie gets some offense, applying a standing front facelock, but JYD just presses Fergie and heaves him across the ring. Watts hastily mentions that JYD dropped five pounds according to his weigh-in, so, he says, it looks like “JYD is starting to figure it out.”

-Fergie misses an elbow off the second rope, and the Thump finishes him off.


-The behind-the-scenes story here is that Mid-South had plateaued and Watts made an unusual deal to have Jerry Lawler shadow the promotion for a month to see what needed fixed, which explains the talent exchange that’s happening all through this month. It also led to a classic story about Bill Watts learning the term “blowjobs” for handsome wrestlers who attract the young female demographic, so at the end of Lawler’s month, when he came to Bill Watts and told him, “You don’t have any blowjobs,” Watts thought he meant it literally and didn’t understand how wrestlers getting laid would boost the gate.

-Higgens shoves Lawler, but Lawler throws a dropkick that sends Higgens out to the floor. And Higgens is a BIG guy so it’s a good-looking bump. Higgens charges back into the ring and Lawler just flings him around. Piledriver is illegal, so Lawler finishes with a fist off the second rope.


-Hacksaw charges into the ring while Volkoff is listening to his recording of the Soviet anthem.

-Volkoff counters Duggan’s onslaught with a bearhug and backs him into the ropes. Duggan reverses the bearhug, but Volkoff punches out and it turns into a boxing match. Duggan tries a spear but Volkoff gets out of the way and Duggan falls out to the floor. Darsow shows up and applies a body vice while Volkoff distracts the referee. He dumps Duggan’s lifeless body into the ring. Press backbreaker by Volkoff…GETS TWO!

-So Duggan spears everything wearing red tights, and the referee calls for the DQ for Darsow’s blatant run-in. It turns into a 2-on-1 attack and the forces of America hit the ring to chase the Russians off.

-They still seem to be promising that something is going to happen involving Randy Savage, but this feels like a step in the wrong direction, considering it started with a Poffo/TA tag team being formed. Rood and Poffo take turns working the opponents’ arms. Lentz targets the abs on Rood and tries to work the arm. Awkward-looking neckbreaker by Lentz, as it looks like Rood didn’t want to cooperate with it. Everybody tags and Poffo gets caught in the wrong corner. Lentz elbows him down for two as I still can’t figure out what Lentz’s deal is. They gave him mic time and hyped his debut, but he’s just a jobber. Faces clear Vines out of the ring. Double dropkick clears Lentz out of the ring, and a bodypress by Rood finishes it.

The final score: review Good
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I'm as happy as an American farmer selling bags of wheat to Soviet atheists when I watch Mid-South Wrestling.

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