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Mid-South Wrestling (12.31.1983) Review

October 3, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 12-31-1983 Magnum TA Mr Wrestling III
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Mid-South Wrestling (12.31.1983) Review  

-Originally aired December 31, 1983.

-Your host is Cowboy Bill Watts, who thanks viewers in all five of our states for watching because this show is the #1 show in their time slot on every station that airs Mid-South Wrestling.

-We go to Jim Ross, filing another report from Mr. Wrestling II and Magnum TA’s training sessions. Jim Ross notices that II is focusing extra hard on the lower body, which appears to be a way of building the legs for that million dollar kneelift. JR and II hold up a giant sack of wheat because Bill must have bought them at Sam’s Club for that angle a few weeks ago and now he has to use up the other nine. TA gives the sack a few weak kneelifts because he doesn’t have it quite yet. II does his own kneelift on the sack and punctures it, and the chainsaw edit they do to switch bags of wheat is cringe-inducing.

-We go back to Christmas night and re-watch the Tag Team Title bout. Quite a bit of it, actually. Magnum TA and Mr. Wrestling II are your new champions, thanks to the arrogance and stupidity of Jim Neidhart.

-Some dude named Jack Curtis conducts a post-match interview, where II tells us he’s proud of his partner for never giving up, and he’s proud of himself for thinking to wear a second mask, because he had a feeling that the champs were stupid enough to do what they did.

-In the other dressing room, Reed enjoys a delicious can of Sunkist while blaming Neidhart for screwing up the whole match, which really annoys him because he’s the one who discovered Neidhart. Reed rattles off a list of embarrassing things that have happened to him at house shows since teaming up with Anvil, but hey, at least they had the belts. And now they don’t have that because Neidhart is an “Iron Head.” Anvil gets tired of listening to this vocal onslaught and walks off without saying a word.

-The cameras are still rolling as everyone is setting up for an interview with Volkoff and Darsow, but suddenly, Anvil returns and attacks Reed from behind, ending this team for good. Funny note from the Wrestling Observer at this time: Mid-South and Georgia were sharing talent and Dave was completely mystified that Georgia booked Reed and Anvil AGAINST each other for a Thanksgiving house show, so this closes a bit of a kayfabe hole.

-Next we re-watch Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Krusher Darsow, and even without watching this episode, if you’ve been watching up to this point, you can imagine Bill Watts’ commentary and you’ll be on the nose. Damn Russians. Duggan not only loses, but Bill Watts breaks the news that he’s been fined $500 for injuring the referee.

-Bill Watts predicts that the Midnight Express will be the tag team to watch in 1984, and from there, we go to a montage of all of their TV squashes up to this point.

-And a Terry Taylor highlight reel from Memphis, as the company is coasting into the new year this week.

-Off to Oklahoma City, where the fans sure did enjoy a recent Mid-South house show. See it when it comes to your area!

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The 411
I mean, I get it, New Year's Eve is a dismal day to do a TV episode. There's a big angle at least, but other than that, this was filler.