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Mid-South Wrestling (12.4.1982) Review

July 25, 2019 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Kamala Mid-South Wrestling 12-4-1982
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Mid-South Wrestling (12.4.1982) Review  

-Originally aired December 4, 1982.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bob Roop.

-Bill Watts is with two members of American Legion, and Bill presents a nice check to the Irish McNeil Boys Club, and even Bob Roop is impressed by the remarkable generosity of the cowboy.


-Punches and a snapmare by Stagger Lee as Roop weighs in and voices his opinion that DiBiase’s “It’s JYD in a damn mask” theory has merit. The Thumb finishes Lunde with no sweat. Or maybe there was sweat. Stagger Lee’s outfit covers his entire body.

KAMALA (with Skandar Akbar & Friday) vs. KING COBRA

-Dropkick by Cobra as Roop reports on a hot rumor that DiBiase is going into business with Skandar Akbar because Kamala is being conditioned to pull masks off people, and hey, Stagger Lee wears a mask. Kamala shakes off the early offense by Cobra, chopping and choking away at him. Big splash finishes.


-Mr. Wrestling II has another menacing letter. This one included a mask with a yellow stripe painted down it, and he dares the sender to come forward and reveal himself.

-Backdrop by II. Yatsu tries a crescent kick but II dodges and applies a side headlock. Roop vents about Mid-South’s official policy, saying they don’t have official proof of any of the masked men’s identities and can’t verify who any of their wrestlers truly are. Have fun explaining that to a tax accountant.

-Kamala is on the scene, attacking II and laying him out with a big splash. Kamala starts to pull the mask off, but Stagger Lee comes to the rescue and lays out Kamala with the Thump. Kamala bounces right up and chops Stagger Lee down, and now he goes after Stagger Lee’s mask.. Mr. Olympia shows up in a show of masked solidarity, and Kamala finds himself fighting three masked men at once, and Skandar Akbar doesn’t like those odds, so he convinces Kamala to get out of the ring and try again another day. Great angle!


-Olympia and DiBiase criss-cross. Olympia hits a bodypress and then clears the ring. DiBiase tries his luck with Iron Mike and just gets hammered into oblivion, and the ring is cleared again. DiBiase finally gets a lucky right hand and tags out, but Borne gets caught in an arm wringer. It turns into a fist fight with Iron Mike, but the Iron one ends up in the wrong corner and he’s overwhelmed.

-Olympia tags in and he collides with DiBiase on a double shoulderblock and they’re both wiped out. Referee gets distracted by Iron Mike trying to help his partner, and while dealing with that, Matt Borne illegally jumps off the top rope for Bombs Away, and the champs get the three-count. Good, but the finish fell a little flat by virtue of Iron Mike pretty much defeating himself.

-We’re off to Houston for this one, with the Human Ellipsis himself, Paul Boesch, on commentary. Jaggers applies a wristlock and uses the hair for leverage. Chavo gets free but Jaggers acts quickly and slips on a side headlock. Chavo tries an arm wringer, but Jaggers breaks with elbows to the head. Chinlock by Jaggers. Chavo escapes, so Jaggers reapplies it. Oh yeah, this is a house show match.

-Elbowdrop misses. Chavo fights back with chops and a monkeyflip. Dropkicks by Chavo, and a Frankensteiner(!) gets the three-count. Pretty forgettable match right up to that last moment.

-Roop is pretty funny on commentary, but unintentionally so, as he tries to fake his way through a backstory for Princess but absolutely brainfarts. “She’s from Canada…there’s an island there…” Victoria gets Kai on the mat for a toehold. Kai breaks it with a choke and puts the boots to Victoria. Victoria rams Kai into the turnbuckles and chops her. Slam gets two. Inside cradle gets two more. Bodypress by Victoria finishes it. Not bad.

HACKSAW DUGGAN (Louisiana Champion) vs. MIKE BOND
-Hiptoss and boots by Duggan. He slams Bond around. Spear connects and you can kind of see it slowly turning into the much better clothesline he eventually went with. And it gets the win.

-Duggan storms over to the commentary table and demands a match with Tony Atlas the next time he’s booked for TV.

The final score: review Average
The 411
Kamala and the tag team match were the high points this week. Recommended watching, as damn near always with this show.

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