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Mid-South Wrestling (2.26.1983) Review

January 6, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 2-26-1983
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Mid-South Wrestling (2.26.1983) Review  

-Originally aired February 26, 1983.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Buddy Nichols.

-We flash back to the January 5, 1983 episode and watch Chavo Guerrero get a pinfall victory over Gino Hernandez, apparently for no reason other than to bury Gino.


-Conway works the arm over as Mid-South’s search for a new star marches on. Tiger switches to a front facelock, then whips Rogers and sends him around the ring with a series of flying headscissors. Second rope headbutt finishes for Conway.

HACKSAW DUGGAN (Louisiana Champion) vs. TONY TORRES

-Torres connects with a dropkick, but misses the second time around and Duggan stomps away. Big slam and a football tackle (kudos to Buddy for not calling it a spear) finishes.

KAMALA (with Skandar Akbar and Friday) vs. MIKE BOND

-Bill Watts takes over for Buddy at this point. Kamala chops away at Bond as Watts mentions that Killer Khan has “disappeared” from wrestling and that Akbar is apparently leaving it up to Kamala to carry on this feud with Andre the Giant. Kamala keeps chopping and splashes Bond twice to finish. Of note: Remember that thing a few months back where Watts was playing up “Who manages Kamala?” as some kind of big mystery, and then, oh, it was just Skandar Akbar again? Watts suddenly brings that up again, saying that Akbar really just comes to the ring to guide Kamala through his matches but he doesn’t actually manage Kamala, and we don’t know who Kamala’s manager is.

-But what’s this?! Tiger Conway, Jr. suddenly hits the ring and says he came to Mid-South because he wants to prove he can handle the toughest wrestling competition in the world…so he’s challenging Kamala to a match, any time. Akbar lets the racism fly in his rebuttal before summoning Kamala back into the ring, because why wait?

TIGER CONWAY, JR. vs. KAMALA (with Skandar Akbar and Friday)
-Conway punches, Kamala chops, and after a bit of that, Kamala has had enough and chokes Conway out to slow him down. Conway keeps fighting, throwing dropkicks until Hacksaw Duggan inexplicably runs into the ring, spears Duggan, and leaves. We established last week that Duggan wants nothing to do with Akbar, so Watts concludes that this is only because Duggan is upset about being embarassed by Conway last week, no other motivation.

-Faces clear the ring right away. Referee gets order and the proper match starts with JYD and DiBiase. JYD headbutts him and tags in II. DiBiase ends up on the floor and he’s seemingly out on his feet, and Borne has to walk his partner around the ring to help him get his bearings. II works the arm on DiBiase and we get a great sequence where Borne runs in to try to break the hold, and II monkeyflips him multiple times without releasing the armbar.

-JYD tags in and atomic drops DiBiase over the top rope, and Watts seems to bust a nut for it. II tags in and gets stuck in the Rat Pack’s corner to turn the match around. All four men end up in the ring and the referee gets knocked out to the floor. Hacksaw Duggan heads back in and spears II out of the ring, and he sets up to spear JYD too, but Tiger Conway heads into the ring and knocks him out with a chair. But NOW Akbar sends Kamala out there to fight Conway to finish their business from earlier. Everyone is brawling and DiBiase loads his glove, preparing to knock out JYD with one punch, but JYD has the chair now, so he uses it as a shield and DiBiase injures his own hand, which sends all the heels retreating. Great crazy finish that lays the ground work for a bunch of different permutations at house shows.

-Bill Watts revisits that mysterious ninja on the motorcycle last week and says that he’s finally got clarification about who that mystery man is. And so we go to a pre-recorded video narrated by JJ Dillon, introducing his charge, “Black Ninja” Kendo Nagasaki, who is entering the tournament for the North American Title.


-I guess JJ isn’t actually going to leave Florida for this tour of duty so Kendo’s here all alone. Kendo spits the green mist to demonstrate that this is going to be a thing for him too. Kendo chops Stark a few times and puts him out with a single thrust kick to finish. Crowd seems more confused by the character than afraid or angered. He’s supposed to be this terrifying, imposing character, but he’s really, REALLY goofy-looking.


-Four minutes left in the show, so we’re probably going to time limit. Lunde gets armdragged around and the faces work Kiniski’s arm. Horner tags in and Lunde gets atomic dropped. All four men end up in the ring and Kiniski and Horner get whipped into each other. Rather than clearing the ring, everyone continues brawling until Lunde and Kiniski just stop and go back to their corner, like a video game match. Match just keeps going as the commentators put a bow on everything and sign off for the week.

The final score: review Average
The 411
Great storytelling this week, spanning multiple segments and building some nice intrigue for future weeks. The ongoing search for a diamond in the rough among the jobbers is just falling totally flat, though.

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