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Mid-South Wrestling (3.30.1985) Review

May 6, 2022 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Kamala Mid-South Wrestling 10.16.1982 Image Credit: WWE/Peacock
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Mid-South Wrestling (3.30.1985) Review  

-Originally aired March 30, 1985.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts. Bill is frustrated as he breaks the news to us that Grizzly Smith doesn’t have an easy job. I’ll say! Candy is more expensive than ever and mechanics charge a fortune for van maintenance.

-Wait, Bill actually means match-making. Case in point, this week’s card is nothing even close to the card that Bill promised us last week. The $10,000 TV Title tournament has been postponed for one week. Rock & Roll Express vs. Dirty White Boys was supposed to happen this week, but those negotiations have fallen through. Kerry Von Erich and Chris Adams were supposed to meet this week, but Chris Adams is refusing to wrestle Von Erich on TV, so both of them will wrestle, but in different matches.

-Jake the Snake is in here to complain that he’s not the #1 seed for the TV Title tournament after he already kicked one TV champion’s ass. Watts tells him that Jim Duggan and Chris Adams are simply more qualified for seeding. Jake finishes up by mentioning that he was on the phone with Ric Flair a few days ago, “and just so you know, I can be bought.”

-We flash back to POWER PRO WRESTLING from two weeks ago, the first time that the B-show has been mentioned on any of these shows. The match is Hercules and Steve Williams vs. Josh Stroud and Brickhouse Brown, and it looks like just some squash match with Herc and Doc mauling Stroud, but Stroud gets a hot tag to Brown. Brown cleans house and finishes off Herc with a diving headbutt to get a clean-as-a-sheet pinfall victory, and it’s a breakthrough for the career of Brickhouse Brown.


-And Brown is letting his soul glo something fierce. Dropkicks by Brickhouse, and Victory rubs his jaw in pain after finding out what he feels like to be Bricked in the mouth.

-Victory fires back with boots, but he targets the head, and Brown just shakes it off and legsweeps him. Irish whip goes not-great as these guys aren’t on the same page. Slam and a legdrop by Brown for a two-count.. Brown sends Victory into the ropes and Victory is absolutely in space this week, unable to even run the ropes properly and nearly tripping over his own foot at one point. Brickhouse finally faceplants him to end it. Can we get a police dog to Jack’s gym bag, please?

KAMALA (with Skandar Akbar & Friday) vs. SHAWN MICHAELS
-Kamala is so mad about being embarassed last week that he doesn’t even bother with his standard entrance, just charging the ring and assaulting Shawn Michaels during the introductions. Referee tries to start the match proper, and Kamala heaves the ref across the ring with one hand, then comes off the top with a splash onto Michaels as Akbar beats up ANOTHER referee. Faces hit the ring to help, including Terry Taylor, and Kamala beats the hell out of all of them. Uh, yeah, I’d say Kamala got his heat back here.

-…But Akbar and Friday get greedy. As Kamala keeps beating up other babyfaces, Friday and Akbar try to ram Taylor into a post outside, but Taylor fights back and piledrives Friday on the bare floor, leaving him for dead, and Kamala just STOPS in his tracks, scrapes up his handler, and leaves. Hell of a segment!


-Press slam and a one-handed slam by Barbarian. Big clothesline by Barbarian, and the full nelson gets a submission before Jackson even has a chance to get his token offense. Barbarian comes off a lot like a WWF heel here, somebody who would get pushed on TV for three months and then do a tour of eating the legdrop.

-We get words from Ted DiBiase, who’s lost ANOTHER Loser-Leaves-Town match to Jim Duggan, but this time it was only a Loser Leaves Town for 30 Days match. What, seriously? What kind of stipulation is that? You might has well have done a Loser Goes to Six Flags match, or a Loser Paints the Fence and Catches Up on All the TV He’s Recorded Since He’s Been on the Road match. DiBiase promises he’ll be back in Mid-South, and he vows that he’s going to end Duggan’s career once he gets back.


-Since Daniels can no longer wear his Marine uniform to the ring, they just call him “Private Terry Daniels” and his gimmick is that he keeps to himself in the locker room and nobody knows if he has a girlfriend.

-Prichard punches Adams over the top rope and Adams is shocked that Prichard is showing that kind of fire. Adams fights back and the crowd either doesn’t realize or doesn’t care that Adams is a heel now. Everybody tags and Williams shakes off a dropkick and cracks Daniels across the skull with a punch. Daniels misses a blind tag, and Adams just superkicks him into oblivion to get the three-count.


-Thor is the future Nailz, having a much better hair day at this stage in his career.

-They trade armdrags to start. Slam by Kerry and stops to pose because “he’s got a little showbiz in him.” Dropkick by Kerry, and the iron claw gets the win.

-After the match, Jake Roberts heads into the ring and picks a fight with Kerry, with the commentators suspecting that this has something to do with the phone call to Ric Flair that we heard about earlier. Kerry gets the upper hand in the fight and finishes off Jake with a discus punch, but he’s too distracted to notice that Chris Adams came to the ring during the brawl, and Adams wipes out Kerry with another superkick. Terry Taylor hits the ring, and the faces rally and clear the ring of all the forces of evil. Yes, even Thor.


-Everyone slugs with everyone else with no clear upper hand. Len Denton misses a corner charge and gets his arm worked over, but Horner gets distracted by Tony Anthony and the Whites use dirty tactics to take over. Dirty White tactics, frankly. Fallaway slam by Denton gets the win.

-Casey snapmares Brown while Bill Watts touts the impending debuts of new arrivals Eddie Gilbert, Dutch Mantel, and the Nightmare. Dropkick and a backdrop by Casey, who’s good, but he has that “just a guy” vibe about him. Drop toehold by Casey, and a surfboard finishes. I can’t remember ever seeing a surfboard finish before.

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The 411
Good show this week, if a little odd, with the whole show being built around the fact that they won't deliver on the show they advertised. Still, it at least felt like stuff was being set up.

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