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Mid-South Wrestling (5.5.1984) Review

December 26, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 5-5-1984
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Mid-South Wrestling (5.5.1984) Review  

-Originally aired May 5, 1984.

-Your hosts are Jim Ross and the debuting Joel Watts, who definitely has some beginners’ nerves.

-The Super Date at the Superdome contest is underway! If you’re over 18 and unmarried, send a photo of yourself to Mid-South Wrestling! AMA request: literally anybody who entered this contest.

-We get a Rock & Roll Express music video produced and edited by Joel Watts, and honestly, considering the kind of facilities and equipment he probably had access to in Tulsa, it’s pretty slick.

-Breaking news: Stagger Lee, who was attacked and painted yellow by Butch Reed last week, has left Mid-South Wrestling, and all he said on his way out the door was that since it was the Junkyard Dog who caused all the problems with Butch Reed, it’s going to be the Junkyard Dog who finishes it with Reed.

-We go to Memphis, TN for a REALLY confusing segment. So a few weeks ago, we see a hype video for the Bruise Brothers, who are going to be debuting in Mid-South soon. And now we’re told that in an angle that never aired on TV, Bruise Brother Troy Graham had his leg broken by the Midnight Express, which would unmistakably paint the Bruise Brothers as faces, even though the initial debut vignette indicated they were coming in as heels. So now we go to the hospital in Memphis, where Troy Graham and Jimmy Hart vow revenge, and holy shit, Jimmy Hart is playing this as babyface! Jimmy Hart pledges revenge on the Midnight Express and Jim Cornette, so don’t send any flowers to the Bruise Brothers ’cause they ain’t dead, baby.

ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS (Tag Team Champions) vs. “Nature Boy” BUDDY LANDELL & PAT ROSE

-So last week Buddy got squashed like a bug and this week he’s just a jobber teaming up with another jobber, so I’d say we’re at the “promoter is pissed off, but not quite pissed off enough” stage of Buddy Landell employment.

-Rose gets hiptossed around and Gibson applies a wristlock. Landell tags in and tries to work Morton’s arm, but Morton simply tags out to break the hold and Landell is caught in a full nelson. Landell puts his legs on the top rope to break, so Gibson just lets go and Landell crashes, then tags out in frustration. Morton whips Rose and crashes on the attempted corner charge, and Buddy smells blood so he tags back in, stomping on the shoulder and applying an armbar while the commentators marvel at how much heart Ricky is showing. Even in a TV squash, Morton gonna Morton.

-Morton kicks away an attempted backdrop and makes the hot tag. Double dropkick gets the win for the Express. Morton is so committed to selling the injury that he winces when the referee raises his arm. Good little TV squash.


-Terry is still wearing the neckbrace. He wrings the arm and backdrops Barber while holding onto the arm. Five-arm by Taylor gets the win.

-JR welcomes back JYD, who’s been touring Atlanta, Mid-Atlantic, and WCCW, and he starts to talk about the adventures that he had in other territories, but first, here’s Jim Cornette to call him out for putting on a stupid mask, giving himself a stupid fake name, and helping Fat Head in a tag match at the Last Stampede. JYD runs out of patience quickly and lifts Cornette in the air for a chokehold until the Midnight Express and Butch Reed hustle out, coldcock the Dog, and just cover him in yellow paint.

-Mr. Wrestling is at the commentary table, and he’s pissed that nothing has been done about having his gear stolen out of his car by the Rock & Roll Express last week.

-II takes Wacker down as Mr. Wrestling boasts on commentary about the skills he taught the man, and then II switches to just stomping on the guy and II has to switch his bragging points immediately. Suplex and a torture rack finish this one for II.

-We go to house show action with “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, with the audibly erect Bill Watts providing narration.

-Jim Ross and a ring packed with strumpets, hussies, and even trollops remind us to send in our sexiest photos for the Super Date at the Superdome contest.


-Magnum works the arm; Ito fights it but TA dropkicks him down and applies a top wristlock, rolling over and turning it into a hammerlock. Cofrner charge misses and Ito applies the “Oriental clawhold from the Orient” on TA’s head. Magnum blades from the hold but hangs on for dear life, throwing punches and resisting, but Ito keeps the hold locked on and it’s very clear that they’re trying to run out the TV time with this match, even though they started with nearly ten minutes to go.

-So after a long long effort to put Magnum away with the claw hold, Ito heads to the top rope as Terry Taylor rushes to ringside to check on his friend. Magnum rolls out of the way, Ito crashes, Magnum with the belly-to-belly for three. Really artificially stretched out, which is odd to see from this company.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Closing match kind of laid flat because it consisted of Magnum literally laying flat, but the rest of the show worked well.

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