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Mid-South Wrestling (6.23.1984) Review

February 7, 2021 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
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Mid-South Wrestling (6.23.1984) Review  

-Originally aired June 23, 1984.

-Your host is Jim Ross all by himself.

-We go to ringside with Bill Watts, who has Dr. Death and Terry Taylor with him. Mid-South just had another spectacular card at the Superdome last weekend, and big news, Terry Taylor pinned Krusher Kruschev to capture the TV Title. Terry is proud of his win, and Williams is proud of putting Krusher in his place last week on TV.

-But now Buddy Landell is here, straight from beating Sonny King like a dog at the Superdome. He complains about being tarred and feathered by JYD after the match, and demands satisfaction from JYD. He has a jobber match scheduled for later in the show but insists that JYD show some guts and get out there instead.

-We get the final minutes of the TV Title match from the Superdome, and it’s a two-camera shoot with a hard camera, so slowly but surely you can see upgrades coming to the territory. Ref is bumped, but Krusher can’t take advantage and Taylor pins him nice and clean with a German suplex. Back at ringside, Terry says he can’t wait to wear that TV Title medal, but Doc apologizes and says he forgot to bring it with him; it’s in his gym bag. Well, Terry and Bill agree that Williams will remember to bring it next time–no worries.

-We go back to the Superdome for highlights of a no-DQ Tag Team Title bout, with the Midnight Express defending against the Rock & Roll Express, AND Jim Cornette must be handcuffed to Hacksaw Jim Duggan for the duration of the bout. Great visuals, as Cornette and the Midnights are in tuxedos, and then here comes Duggan, also in a tux with white gloves and a top hat. Bill Watts is tickled pink by the sight of Duggan in a tux, and amazingly, we’re going to revisit that a ways down the road in Mid-South.

-So we go to highlights of the match itself, and even though it’s damn dark, the highlights look so good that I’m hoping the whole show materializes as a Hidden Gem. We head to the finish, as a gorgeous fan at ringside has soaked a rag in ether, and she leaps over the barricade, kisses Duggan to get his attention, then smothers him with the rag. Duggan is out cold, and Cornette is able to pass the loaded tennis racquet into the ring so Dennis Condrey can knock out Ricky Morton for the three-count. Bill Watts says Cornette should fear for his life, because Watts was content to just make Cornette wear a dress, Hacksaw will actually just kick the shit out of him.

-We get a music video package highlighting the Rock & Roll Express’ Superdate in the Superdome with the two contest winners. Ricky & Robert grew mustaches for the occasion; Robert’s makes him look about 10 years older, and Ricky just looks like he needs to wipe the orange juice off his mouth.

-Wendi has her measurements airbrushed on her tights. So, obviously, this is supposed to be the start of a push for Wendi, but only three days after the Superdome show, Wendi was in the WWF for the angle where it was revealed that Cyndi Lauper had signed her as a proxy for her feud with Captain Lou. And Wendi is absolutely SMOKING here; how do you take a woman who looks like this in the 1984 wrestling landscape and push her as a heel? Vince had the right idea.

-Wendi with a Hogan boot to the face and a shoulderblock. She charges, but Velvet swerves out of the way and Wendi flies out to the floor. Velvet hurriedly brings her back into the ring and slingshots her. One-footed dropkicks by Velvet, and it’s a weird-looking move because I’m sure she MEANS to do it that way, but it looks like she’s screwing it up every time. Wendi finally dodges one and of all moves, she finishes by bouncing off the ropes and dropping the leg.


-Ladd just looks so OLD, and he walks like he’s in constant pain. Ladd chops and slams Ragin down, and it’s uncanny how much it resembles a later Andre match, as if Ernie did motion capture effects for Andre. Ernie finishes with…a big boot and a legdrop. That’s odd.

-Rose slingshots Gibson and whips him. Comedy spot as Duggan offers himself as a human shield to prevent a hard bump by Gibson. Krusher tries to do the same thing for his time and gets knocked out to the floor.

-Morton and Orton go at it. All six men brawl in the ring. Jobbers are cleared from the ring with double-dropkicks, and the Express atomic drops Krusher into a spear by Duggan. Krusher is laid out on the floor from that, and Duggan tackles Orton from the second rope to finish this. Hot little match, as short as it was.

-Buddy Landell is in the ring, but Tony Torres is not, so Boyd Pierce suggests that we all just wait a minute and see who comes to the ring….


-So JYD attacks and Bill Watts declares that Landell’s alligator mouth got his tadpole fanny in trouble. Landell retreats to the floor and Butch Reed comes to ringside. Dog slaps Reed and when Reed gets on the apron to demand satisfaction, JYD rams Landell into him, knocking Reed to the floor and allowing JYD to roll up Landell for three.

-Ernie Ladd comes to ringside and it looks like JYD is going to have to fight a 2-plus-Ernie Ladd-on-1 battle, but Sonny King shows up with a weapon in his hands, so the heels beat it.


-Debut for the Fantastics, and it’s weird to have two pretty boy teams here vying for the fans’ love. Backdrop and a slam by Tommy Rogers, and it’s impressive when you see the size difference between he and Owens. Ed Seagle tags in and this match turns pitiful. Fulton tries to whip him into the ropes, but Seagle falls flat on his ass, so Rogers tags in and goes for a slam, but Seagle sandbags him, so Rogers just plops him down immediately for three.

The final score: review Good
The 411
The wheels fell off of two of the squash matches, but the rest was a terrific show.

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