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Mid-South Wrestling (7.28.1984) Review

March 12, 2021 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 7-28-1984
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Mid-South Wrestling (7.28.1984) Review  

-Originally aired July 28, 1984.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce & Joel Watts.

-Bill Watts is at ringside with Butch Reed and Buddy Landell. Watts has some key weapons from last week, a chain, a folding chair, a tennis racquet, and a 2×4. Bill Watts replays the melee from last week’s show, which ended with an injured Sonny King writhing in the ring and stopping the entire show in its tracks.

-So Bill Watts has had enough: Chains, 2x4s, chairs, and tennis racquets in the ring will now cost a wrestler $10,000. The exception is Jim Cornette; since Mama would just pay the fine for him, if Cornette uses a weapon, it’s an automatic suspension. Landell and Reed approve of the new measure, saying that it’s mostly the babyfaces who cause all these problems that led to the new rule.

-Jim Ross is in the ring with Steve Williams, who’s disgusted that he has to wait for a TV Title match, because he kicked Krusher’s ass, he has the medal around his neck, and possession is 9/10 of the law. JR’s rebuttal amounts to “Tough shit,” so Williams concedes that he’ll give the medal to Taylor if he wins the next match.

-Dr. Death stays at ringside to watch. Krusher backs Taylor into the corner and won’t let up, and he’s shocked when Taylor just rears back and belts him in the mouth. Krusher applies a top wristlock and gets some added leverage with a handful of hair. Taylor gets free and turns it into a hammerlock. Bodypress by Taylor gets two. Krusher with punches, and a shoulderblock knocks Taylor out to the floor.

-Williams rams Taylor into the post under the guise of “helping him back in the ring,” and Taylor is bleeding. Piledriver by Kruschev gets two. But Taylor is just damn mad at this point, popping Williams right in the eye and then rolling up Kruschev to end the match immediately and retain the title. Taylor demands his medal, and Williams walks in, knocks him out cold with the medal, and struts off laughing. Williams is a NATURAL is an arrogant bully jock and it’s amazing that they ever tried to do anything else with him.

-Boyd Pierce implores Bill Watts to keep his word and impose a fine for the medal just like the one he announced for all other weapons.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (with Jim Cornette & Hercules Hernandez) vs. JOSH STROUD & MIKE JACKSON
-Cornette is cocky and full of himself as ever, although the commentators both notice he doesn’t have a tennis racquet with him, so it looks like Watts’ threat actually got through to him.

-Jackson dropkicks Bobby Eaton, but gets caught in a Boston crab/legdrop combo. Dennis Condrey with a backbreaker. Stroud tags in and falls victim to a powerslam and a double goozle for three.


-Cornette promises to lawyer up and get his tennis racquet back, on the grounds that the Midnight Express just proved that they don’t need it to win matches.

-Quick work for Herc, as he stunguns McCord and finishes with “The Oriental Hold” for the win.

-We’re almost at the end of the road for JYD, but we have a few more weeks left. Duggan and JYD work the arm. Headbutt by the Dog. Owens with a knee from the apron to make things a little interesting, as Schroeder applies a bearhug. JYD slips out and tags Duggan. Duggan slams and shoulderblocks Owens, and JYD heads back in and finishes with the Thump.


-Koko with a great backdrop and a tackle. Barber tags in and eats a missile dropkick, and the PYTs take the win.

-Cornette refuses to grant a title match against Duggan and JYD until he has his tennis racquet back!…And some money from Grizzly Smith, too.

That’s all for this week. RIC FLAIR is in town next week!

The final score: review Good
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A little squashy, but still my favorite territory.

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