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Mid-South Wrestling (7.30.1983) Review

June 7, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
King Kong Bundy Mid-South Wrestling 4-30-1983
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Mid-South Wrestling (7.30.1983) Review  

-Originally aired July 30, 1983.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Buddy Nichols. Seriously, what happened to THIS guy? They were clearly high on him.

-Here’s the problem with Weingroff. It’s awesome that he’s legally blind and that he can go in the ring, but…what do you do with him? If you have someone attack him and leave him laying because he’s blind and couldn’t see it coming, he deserves special treatment, but if he’s that bad off, you’re making the point that he can’t be in the ring. What do you do with him? Acknowledging the disability creates this weird problem with booking him.

-Horner works Zane’s arm and tags in Weingroff. Weingroff stays on the arm, but Roger tags in and takes control. Rogers and Zane double-team him and Rogers goes to the second turnbuckle to try to finish this, but he crashes and it’s hot tag Horner. Rogers and Zane get whipped into each other. Double atomic drop sends Rogers to the floor, and they double-team Zane so much that Jesse Ventura would be throwing down his headset and storming to the ring to pull a knife on the referee by this point. Abdominal stretch into a roll-up by Weingroff gets the win. Good showcase for the up-and-comers.


-Davidson looks like One Man Gang on the Atkins diet. He bungles taking a backdrop and gets the HELL out of the ring right after that before Duggan can react to him bungling the spot. Back in, Duggan actually does amateur wrestling, doing a waistlock takedown and riding him. Davidson goes to the eyes, and that just makes Duggan plum mad. Another backdrop, and Davidson still can’t really do it, and Duggan finally just hits a spear and calls it a night.


-Suddenly, Bill Watts is on commentary. JYD is all pissed off and beltless this week. JYD flings him around as Watts says that JYD demanded the match to make a point, because Olympia is a similar wrestler to Reed, so if he kicks Olympia’s ass, Reed will know Dog can still take him.

-Headbutt by JYD gets two, which means something in Mid-South. Olympia goes to the throat and then applies a sleeper. JYD fights it off, so Olympia climbs the turnbuckles and pays for it with a shot to the belly. JYD goes to a chinlock. Olympia gets knocked out to the floor. They fight on the apron and a stray shot catches the referee. Olympia loads the boot and goes to the top rope for a missile dropkick, but Dog misses and rips the weapon off the boot as the referee revives. A right hand knocks Olympia out cold, and even though the referee saw what happened, he seems to reason that karma is in effect and counts three to give Dog the win.


-Side headlock by Reed. TA fights out and dropkicks Reed, then applies an armbar. Reed fights free but just runs into an armdrag, and he’s caught in the armbar again. Reed fights it with a hiptoss, but Magnum hangs on, so he STILL has the armbar applied, and Reed’s getting frustrated. Bodyslam by Reed and Magnum STILL has the armbar applied. He gets aggressive now, driving knees into the shoulder. Reed finally just backs him against the ropes to force the break and unloads on Magnum with his good arm.

-Reed applies a chinlock, grabbing the tights at one point to stop Magnum from standing back up. Magnum hangs in there and it turns into a boxing match, with Reed overwhelming Magnum. Dropkick by Reed, and he heads to the second turnbuckle to finish, but Magnum meets him with a punch and he has his second wind. Backdrop and a legdrop by Magnum get two. Atomic drop and a belly-to-belly by Magnum…get TWO. The crowd is stunned by Reed kicking out at two, but Bill Watts offers the most logical explanation: He’s the champion.

-Reed does a lap around the ring to walk off the pain, but Magnum slams him back in and just stays all over him. Elbow by Magnum misses and Reed just nopes out of the match entirely, whipping Magnum’s leg against the post repeatedly, and Bill jumps in and says post shots are only illegal when it’s the HEAD. Okay, fine. Reed catches him with an elbow to the jaw, and that gets the three-count. Reed wipes his sweat on Magnum and tries to make a show of what an easy victory it is while looking exhausted and breathing heavily, in a fantastic display. Magnum loses but actually manages to be elevated by it, because he looked like a star in there.


-Rich armdrags DiBiase like it’s going out of style and DiBiase dashes out to the floor to collect himself. Back in, he tries a sunset flip, but Rich just punches him between the eyes to stop that. Williams tags in, and he’s the badass of his team so now DiBiase is really going to have problems. Williams just shoves him down and DiBiase stays in there instead of tagging out. Bad call, as DiBiase gets backdropped and goes to the floor. DiBiase teases walking out, and Bundy scolds him and makes him stay in the match.

-So DiBiase FINALLY tags Bundy, and Williams winds up and punches Bundy so hard that you’d swear you can see the little Punch-Out star over his head on contact. Bundy is dazed. DiBiase comes in to try to help his partner and he gets thrown to the floor. He fights back up to his feet and climbs on the apron right as the faces Irish whip Bundy to the opposite corner, and the impact causes Ted to fall off. Williams shocks the entire building by giving Bundy the Oklahoma Stampede right on free TV and it looks like it finished. But Bundy kicks out at 2 99/100, although he’s barely there as he struggles back to his feet.

-All four men end up in the ring, and Williams tackles both opponents. Bundy ends up on the floor as the bell rings frantically. Match keeps going as there appears to be a MAJOR communication gap happening here about whether or not the Stampede was supposed to be the finish, because now after the referee clearly shook his head and said no, and held up two fingers, and Watts explained that it was close, Watts suddenly changes his tune to “Williams got three, the match is over, this fight needs to be broken up,” and finally Bill’s son strolls down there in his referee uniform to end the segment. Okay, I can’t even bring myself to hate it for the bungled finish, it was just a great star-making, feud-making match all the way through.


-Torres has heard that armdrags are hot this week, so he does a series of them. He blocks a bodypress and turns it into a backbreaker. Boris stays on the back. Stungun by Zhurkov, and a neckbreaker by Zhurkov. Knee from the second rope, and Boris gets the win.


-Did Bill not know that dark matches were a thing? Because again, the building is half-empty for the final match of the hour. They just slug it out for a bit. Crews comes off the second rope with a bodypress for two. He tries a roll-up and THAT gets three for Crews.

-King Kong Bundy storms in, insisting that he got screwed by a fast count this week. “NOBODY AVALANCHES ME!” And, point made, he strolls away.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Ran out of gas with the last two matches, but DAMN what a great use of an hour of TV time.

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