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Mid-South Wrestling (8.13.1983) Review

June 26, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 8-13-13 Butch Reed
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Mid-South Wrestling (8.13.1983) Review  

-Originally aired August 13, 1983.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts.

-We lead off with words from Butch Reed, who says he’s paid the cost to be the boss.


-From way back in March, which means the heel/face roles are reversed. Bill and Butch are doing new commentary for this. Duggan charges and attacks right away with boots. Reed fights back with dropkicks and a shot to the gut. Backdrop sends Duggan to the floor and we jump ahead to a dropkick by Reed and an armdrag into an armbar. Reed gives Duggan his props but says wrestling takes just a LITTLE bit of brains. More than Hacksaw Jim Duggan has, and more than the Junkyard Dog has.

-Suplex by Reed gets 1 1/2, and we jump ahead to Duggan kicking and stomping Reed since it’s really the only thing that’s worked for him in this match. Spear misses and Duggan knocks himself silly crashing head-first into the top turnbuckle. Reed press-slams Duggan, and Reed tackles him to get the three-count, totally clean, and prove himself “the true Hacksaw of wrestling.”

-Back to modern time, Watts asks Reed if he thinks he could handle Duggan now that people are on HIS side, and Reed tells him wrestling is no popularity contest.

-And so we jump ahead to July to watch the 2 out of 3 falls title change, with Butch Reed again sitting in to provide new commentary. Reed aptly says that JYD intentionally dumping fall #1 just to injure him was a dumb move and pleads ignorance about Buzz Sawyer’s presence. Reed speculates that Buzz just wants to see a true champion get his due.

-And now we move on to other fun from the Superdome. Skandar Akbar says that Tommy Rich was obsessed with making himself famous by coming to the Superdome and facing Kimala.

TOMMY RICH (with Johnny Rich) vs. KIMALA (with Skandar Akbar & Friday)
-Tommy upsets Akbar by bringing Johnny to ringside unannounced, and Akbar complains that Mid-South shows favoritism any time someone tries to act as a second without a license.

-Kimala misses a charge as Rich quickly dodges everything he tries to do. Kimala winds up for a big chop and Rich ducks, and Kimala accidentally throws himself over the top rope from the force. Back in the ring, they trade punches and chops. Rich throws dropkicks but can’t get Kimala off his feet. Kimala the untamed jungle savage is savvy enough to sucker Rich in with a fake test of strength and then chops him between the eyes.

-We skip ahead and Tommy’s bleeding, and Akbar is delighted that somebody who wanted to be a big famous star in the Superdome is just lying on the mat bleeding. Kimala keeps fighting while Akbar teases that he and Friday have taught Kimala an actual hold for him to use in future matches, the heart claw. The seconds end up in the ring and Kimala just beats down Johnny and throws him out to the floor. Akbar attacks again, but “greasy slimy hippie” Jim Duggan comes to the ring and a brawl erupts. In the middle of it, Tommy Thesz presses Akbar…and the referee counts three. Oh come on, Mid-South, don’t be like that.

-Now Mr. Wrestling II is here for guest commentary.


-II discusses Irwin’s career path, as he went from being a nobody in Mid-South to showing up with a whip in Georgia and lashing Tommy Rich with it, injuring him. Irwin backdrops II but misses an elbow. Kneelift by II sends Irwin retreating, and Irwin is still in the match but he looks like II just put the fear of god into him.

-Irwin hangs in there and manages to get a chinlock clamped on. Watts simply says that Irwin THINKS he’s a main eventer, but he’s not really ready to be a main eventer in Mid-South because it’s a different level. This was a weird thing about Irwin’s return to the territory, they brought him in as a conquering star making his return and then they just used him as a jobber. Case in point, another knee by II knocks him out and ends the match.


-And now, with 11 minutes remaining in the broadcast, we go to our first match in the Boys’ Club.

-Horner leaps into Boris’ arms like they’re on a honeymoon, then just uses that position to flip him over onto the mat. Side headlock by Horner. Boris fights out but gets bodypressed. Everybody tags and Bundy avalanches him and then other-avalanches him for the five-count.


-Atomic drop and a bunch of clubbing blows by Link. Link focuses on the lower back. Camel clutch gets a quick submission.

-Bulletin! Grizzly Smith has just handed a note to Watts saying that there’s going to be a Hacksaw vs. Hacksaw match tentatively signed for next week, and if Duggan wins, he gets five minutes with Skandar Akbar. In the ring, I’m hoping.

-Dropkick and a slam by Rich. Dr. Death tags in and ties the jobber in the ropes, and then gives him a running tackle. Tackle and a Stampede finishes and Watts just buries the jobbers completely, saying they don’t even belong in the sport of wrestling and he doesn’t know what they were even thinking for trying.

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Wasn't my favorite week ever, but it wasn't boring.

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