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Mid-South Wrestling (8.6.1983) Review

June 19, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 8-6-1983
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Mid-South Wrestling (8.6.1983) Review  

-Originally aired August 6, 1983.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts, and Boyd leads right off by announcing that Hacksaw Duggan & Magnum TA are your new Mid-South Tag Team Champions.

-We go to a special ceremony where Junkyard Dog is made an honorary citizen of New Orleans AND a Lousiana colonel. This guy was a god, in case it’s not clear.

-Reeser Bowden congratulates the new Tag Team Champions, and Magnum and Hacksaw are definitely a contrast in styles on the mic, as Magnum sounds like Bob Backlund, and Duggan sounds like Duggan. But Duggan’s not content with just winning the belts; he announces that it’s time for Ted DiBiase to LEAVE. He wants a loser-leaves-town match, AND he wants a match against Skandar Akbar, too.

-Hacksaw starts with…one of the jobbers. Really funny, as Watts either didn’t bother learning who was who or he forgot, and he pauses and just calls one of them “the opponent” like he’s calling a video game match. Duggan knocks around The Opponent and The Opponent tags his partner, and Watts has decided that the new guy in the ring is Bill Rose. Atomic drop sends Rose scurrying to the floor, and Hacksaw decides it’s Magnum’s turn.

-Hiptoss and a slam by Magnum. Leapfrog goes badly when Rose stands up too quickly, and Magnum lets him have it for screwing up the spot. Jobbers engage in some chicanery behind the ref’s back and Magnum is actually briefly in trouble, but he fights back with a dropkick and ends up fighting both opponents by himself. Belly to belly gets the win for the new champs.


-Shoulderblock and a side headlock by II as Watts gives us some clarification on the finish that went horribly wrong last week–not only was Bundy’s shoulder up, Dr. Death wasn’t even the legal man, so this week we have a special challenge match between the two of them. Watts addresses the complaints that wrestling matches should have TWO matches, and he dismisses it with the unique argument that in pro wrestling, screwing with the referee is part of the strategy. Can’t argue with that.

-II applies a toehold and adds a half-nelson to it. Boris gets free and comes to life with elbows and a chinlock. II throws punches and backdrops Boris, and the kneelift finishes. Nothing special here but it was fine.

-We get pre-recorded words from King Kong Bundy, and my god, he looks even rounder in a button-down shirt and nice slacks than he does in his tights. He vows to give a REAL avalanche to Steve Williams, not a phony Stampede, and he’s getting a five-count.


-They jockey for position a bit and have a bad miscommunication that ends with Bundy getting knocked off his feet REALLY early in the match. They lock up and Williams takes his leg out again, and he stretches Bundy and punches the knee repeatedly, leading Watts to think Williams ahs figured out the secret to beating Bundy one-on-one.

-Well apparently not because Bundy makes the ropes and hammers on Williams. Williams goes for a corner charge but misses. Bundy tries his own, but he misses too so they’re even. Bundy’s just done with this already and goes straight to the avalanche, demanding a five-count, and it backfires spectacularly, with Williams kicking out at 4 and going to the floor to take a rest while Bundy argues with the referee over the referee actually obeying Bundy’s wishes.

-Williams heads back into the ring but Bundy is so frustrated that he slams him back in, but Williams holds on during the impact and rolls Bundy for a two-count. And he stampedes Bundy! He can’t get the pin off that because Boris Zurkhov suddenly shows up for a surprise attack. Williams just tackles both of them over and over and over again, and to REALLY make a point, he backdrops Bundy! So Watts is going all-in with this guy now.


-Link attacks during the intros. Watts is funny in that he’s so committed to preserving kayfabe that he ends up totally shooting holes in the entire gimmick, as he points out that Link’s supposed to be an insane, untamed wildman, and yet he uses holds, his physique indicates he has a diet and training regimen, and he’s making a living, so the paychecks he’s getting in the mail from wrestling are going somewhere. Thanks, Bill!

-Link is focused on the lower back with elbows and knees, and one big knee off the second rope leads to a sort-of-a-kind-of-a-camel clutch to get the submission.

HACKSAW BUTCH REED (North American Champion) vs. KEN JOHNSON

-Reed beats down Johnson and throws a dropkick. Forearm by Reed, and the press slam gets three.


-Horner and Vines start. Horner stymies him with a lot of quick movement and you can sense Watts wants to do something with Horner but just cannot figure out what for the life of him. Rogers tags in and he gets his arm worked over by both opponents. Commentators are talking about the time running out for this hour. Rogers and Vines get a turn to dish out their offense, but Crews suddenly jumps in full of piss and vinegar and TV time expires while he fights the world.

The final score: review Good
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Damn, I do love this territory.

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