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Mike Chioda on How Relentless Vince McMahon Is About Working Out While Traveling

May 10, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Vince McMahon WWE Smackdown Image Credit: WWE/Twitter

– On the latest edition of Monday Mailbag for AdeFreeShows, former WWE referee Mike Chioda discussed how relentless Vince McMahon is on maintaining his workout regiment while traveling with WWE and more. Below are some highlights (via WrestlingInc.com):

Chioda on not getting much sleep during WWE European tours: “Not much man, it depends. When you’re on European tours, you get hardly any sleep. You just stay up partying when you get in at one or two in the morning and be at the hotel at three in the morning. You don’t have too much downtime, sometimes you do have during the day five or six hours to sightsee, and do have time to do late-night excursions in cities that stay open all night. You wouldn’t get too much downtime, when you go from TV to TV, people get in from one, two, three in the morning, got to get up at eight, nine the next day to do TV all over again. If you’re going from a pay-per-view Sunday to a Monday Night RAW when we used to do RAW and then SmackDown on Tuesday, it was a busy schedule, that’s for sure. If you did three days of TV, your ass is wiped and whipped out on Wednesday.”

Chioda on how Vince McMahon would go to work out right after getting off a plane: “When Vince used to get in, he’d get on his charter, get into the next town, everybody would drive four hours, he would get in 30 minutes, and he would get in one or two in the morning and go to the gym. His trainers would be sitting there waiting for him at the hotel waiting to go at three or four in the morning. He doesn’t give up, man.”

Chioda on Vince McMahon telling him to cut down a cameraman’s hammock while he was sleeping: “Vince used to hate to see people sleep,” Chioda said. “This one camera guy, I love him, he was a great guy and I remember he said, ‘hey, cut him down.’ I remember I climbed all the way up this thing cause he had his hammock on something, and I cut it by his head and he went straight down into the steel. He had a concussion. I felt so bad, it backfired on me so much. We stopped in Ramstine, Germany because we always did, and I remember, he had to go to the hospital there and he went back home. I remember apologizing and calling him and everything. I couldn’t say ‘Vince and them made me do it.’ I didn’t want to say that, I had to do it. I shouldn’t have listened to [Vince] but it was Vince and them guys, but the f***ing rib backfired.”