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Mike Chioda Recalls Working With Mike Tyson For WrestleMania XIV Match

November 28, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Steve Austin WrestleMania 14 MIke Tyson Image Credit: WWE

Mike Chioda worked with Mike Tyson for his appearance at WrestleMania XIV, and he recalled training Tyson for the match. Tyson was the special outside enforcer for the Shawn Michaels vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin match for the WWE Championship and ultimately counted the pinfall for Austin’s win before punching out Michaels after the match.

Speaking on a recent episode of AdFreeShow’s Monday Mailbag, Chioda talked about working with Tyson on the match. You can check out the highlights below:

On training Tyson to count the pinfall: “Mike Tyson, it was great. Believe me, I tried to teach him how to count. … He counted so fast, I was like ‘Oh sh*t.’ I must have spent like an hour with him, ‘Here, just 1-2-3.'”

On working with Tyson for the match: “We had a fantastic time, we did some rehearsals. That’s when Mike Tyson came in, and it was funny, man. He comes up and he’s like ‘Hey, Mike Chioda.’ I [was] like ‘What the f***? You know my name?’ Obviously, he was a huge fan of wrestling.”