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Mike Chioda Recalls Smoking Pot With Teddy Long

May 19, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW Mike Chioda Image Credit: AEW

Mike Chioda and Teddy Long were pot buddies, and Chioda recently shared his memories of smoking out with the former WWE manager and GM. The ex-WWE referee shared some stories of his time on the road with Long on the latest episode of his Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda show on AdFreeShows, and you can see some highlights below (per Wrestling Inc:

On smoking pot with Long: “I traveled with Teddy Long, we used to smizz [smoke pot] up and down the road all the time. Let me tell you something about Teddy Long, we had a lot of fun on the road. We used to drive with each other to TVs every weekend for at least three to four years. I miss Teddy man, he’s just a great guy and he loved to smizz. We used to smizz, have a couple of drinks here and there and we used to hang out. He got me to go to the gym every day, he would do cardio every day for an hour, hour and 25 minutes. We used to sit in that steam room, Teddy Long was just a great guy man, he loves his family. He was just funny because he’d crack on people, we’d talk, discuss the business, and sh*t like that. God bless him because he wasn’t even that young when I was traveling with him. I spent a lot of time with Teddy Long, good friend, I’ve got to give him a call actually and see hows he doing.”

On Long not getting a WWE Legends deal in 2017: “I just wish he would’ve went out a little stronger with WWE. They did induct him in the Hall of Fame. I remember talking to him for quite a while after that too and he was surprised they never gave him a Legends deal. They never gave him a Legends deal after the Hall of Fame and he thought he might have this Legend deal with WWE, make a little money but whatever. I hope he’s doing well.”

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