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Writer Mike Kingston Discusses Working With AJ Styles for Upcoming Royal Rumble 2018 Special Comic Release

January 13, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
AJ Styles Smackdown 112817

WWE.com recently interviewed comic writer Mike Kingston on working with AJ Styles for an upcoming Royal Rumble 2018 Special from BOOM! Studios. Below are some highlights.

Kingston on how AJ Styles got involved with the comic: “I’ve known AJ for a bit, and we collaborated on a fun “Headlocked” story before he debuted in WWE. We were thinking it would be cool to do something again — we have similar mindsets and work well together — so I approached BOOM!, and they wanted to make it happen.”

Kingston on AJ reliving his 2016 debut in the Royal Rumble for the story: “It was a big day for him; I’m sure a little nerve-racking. He had been the best competitor in every company he’d ever worked for, and this was the one last great conquest for him. … AJ and I had a clear idea of what we wanted to do right out of the gate. Plus, with such strong characters involved and reliving such a big moment, the story practically wrote itself.”

Kingston on depicting a confrontation between John Cena and AJ Styles before their meeting on Raw: “As a fan, I always wondered if there was deeper motivation when AJ, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attacked Cena before their first match after Styles was such a good guy. Thinking about it, AJ and I created a backstory where he and Cena have this Robert DeNiro/Al Pacino in the film “Heat” kind of confrontation in the locker room that sort of ties everything all together.”