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Miro Says Eddie Kingston vs. Sammy Guevara Needs To Be Resolved In A Ring ‘ASAP’

August 26, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW Rampage Miro Image Credit: AEW/Twitter

Miro has seen the news of issues surrounding Eddie Kingston and Sammy Guevara, and things they should take it to the ring. As you no doubt know, Kingston was suspended by AEW due to a backstage confrontation with Sammy Guevara over an unaired promo where Guevara called Kingston a “fat piece of s**t.” Kingston has acknowledged the suspension and admitted to being unprofessional in how he handled it.

Miro took to Twitter to comment on the matter, saying after Kingston told people to leave “the kid” alone:

“Kid= fighting words. I’m no comish but We need this resolved in ring ASAP. @sammyguevara”