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The Miz and Maryse Discuss Moving While Filming Their Reality Show, Maryse’s Second Pregnancy

May 7, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Miz & Mrs Miz and Mrs

Newseek recently spoke to The Miz and Maryse, who were promoting their reality show Miz and Mrs. Below are some highlights.

The Miz on shooting the series when he has to travel so much: “All the traveling we do doesn’t make it necessarily easier, but we have so much going on we always have something to shoot. There’s just one thing after another. Maryse is pregnant for a second time and we’re like ‘oh my god.'”

Maryse on moving while they were filming: “When we were filming the last two episodes of the first part of the season, we decided to move back to L.A. out of the blue. That’s really something that happened. And then we find out that I was pregnant, so there’s a lot.”

Maryse on finding out she was pregnant while they were moving: “We didn’t know yet. We found out about three weeks after we said we were moving [laughs] And I said we weren’t going to do this again because last year Monroe was 17 days-old when we packed up our home and moved to Austin, Texas on a tour bus with all our animals and my mom. I said “I’m never doing this again.” And now I’m repeating what happened a year later, but this time around I’m doing things different. I am not getting on a tour bus and I don’t care [laughs].”

Maryse on her second pregnancy: “Now that I know what to expect I’m less anxious about things. Like I had a big migraine this week and said “well, it’s the hormones. It’s fine.” There’s little things that you just say are normal. The first time around I was like “oh my god?” Like my nose was running and I felt this was horrible. There’s little physical things your body goes through. It’s definitely different. Everyone says that every pregnancy is different. I feel this time it is. I don’t know if it’s a boy or girl but there’s something different about it.”

The Miz on getting advice from others in WWE for parenting advice: “Ih yeah. I go to all the guys who have kids and they give me advice. R-Truth has five kids so he’s been through all this, so he’s kind of my go-to guy. Titus [O’Neill], I go to him a lot. I’m now in the fraternity of the guys who have kids, you can say. It’s nice to be in it. It’s something that you don’t think would be different but it totally changes everything.”

Maryse on more men having kids in WWE than women: “When you get pregnant the girls really ask questions. There’s more men than women in the WWE with kids. There’s only one or two girls backstage who have kids so it’s very interesting. The questions are like ‘what are you craving?’ ‘How are you feeling?’ ‘Are you going to have one more?’ ‘What do you do after the baby? Do you work out?'”

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