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MJF Says He’s Done With Cody Rhodes After Their Feud

November 9, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
MJF AEW Revolution Image Credit: AEW

In an interview with Fightful, MJF said that he feels his feud with Cody Rhodes is done and spoke more about how he thinks the story went. Here are highlights:

On why people do well after splitting from Cody: “Allow me to use some mythology here. So, there’s two different types of mermaids, right? There’s the ones you see in the movies—they’re beautiful, they’re elegant, right? But back, way back in olden times, in Greek mythology and I believe a couple different mythologies—regardless, people would see these sirens, or mermaids have you, while they’re on the board of a ship and these mermaids would be so beautiful and they would convince you to jump into the water with their beauty. Then, once you got under that water, they would grab you swim down to the depths of the sea and they would drown you until you were lifeless. That is what Cody Rhodes does. Cody Rhodes, in a sense, is a siren. He’s a mermaid. He convinces you he’s a good guy. He convinces you to jump on board with him, with what he’s doing. Then he drowns you until you die.”

On how joining the Inner Circle is different: “What Cody Rhodes was trying to do wanted me to be in his shadow. That’s why I respect Chris Jericho. In the Inner Circle, I will not be in the shadow of Chris Jericho. I will be standing shoulder and shoulder, arm and arm with Chris Jericho and we will be getting a whole lot of gold and a whole lot of green. That’s why I (was) so excited for this opportunity at Full Gear. Because it’s nowhere near like the ‘opportunity’ I had with Cody Rhodes. That wasn’t an opportunity. All that was was his opportunity to keep me under his thumb and it just didn’t work out for him.”

On his feud with Cody: “I feel the Cody Rhodes story, looking back at it, I feel I could have done it a different way. Maybe I could have went at about it more diplomatically instead of physically. I do regret how some of it went down because I think deep down in that dark, twisted soul of Cody Rhodes is a good person. I felt sometimes it shone through. It wasn’t enough for me to fully believe that that friendship was anything more than a farce. But, I think the war behind me and Cody Rhodes is done. It’s settled. It’ll go down as one of the greatest rivalries in professional wrestling. I wish him the best of luck. But, it’s not something I’m all that interested in right now. What I’m interested in is joining the most incredible group that is the Inner Circle. I’m interested in getting myself back into the AEW World title hunt and I’m interested in learning from Chris Jericho, who has been in the industry, on top, for thirty years.”

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